[Help] Slow when connecting.

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[Help] Slow when connecting.

Post by trid »


I'm in europe (scandinavia) and when I try to connect to either the Oslo or the Stockholm Undernet server it takes long, very long before it gets on (around 2-3 minutes everytime). I have broadband (256) and it's not generally slow. Once I get on, everything is smooth an easy. Thing is, I wonder what could cause connecting to be so very slow.
When I connect from school or work, I sometimes connect within matter of seconds. (same undernet servers).

Anybody got any solution to what may be causing the problem?
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Post by Eenie »

Make sure your identd is enabled; that speeds connection up considerably!

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Post by evi|one »

make sure the port 113 is not filtered. if the firewall is setup to silently drop the connection (without sending a RST packet back) the IRC server will simply wait for the ident connection to time out. that takes a lot of time.
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Post by OUTsider »

Actually, when the connection itself (not the handshake) is established, an attempt should take like 90 seconds at most. Check the servernotices you get while connecting like:
Checking for ident / Checking hostname. after that you will see how that check performed.

From analyzing those messages you should be able to trace your problem.