[Help] DCC Send, it hates me...

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[Help] DCC Send, it hates me...

Post by DethStarDriveBy »

Okay, I have been trying to send some files via DCC to people. The problem is, is that whenever it begins to send, after about 30 seconds, it stops... I have to resend/resume the process. It works, but it's kind of annoying, it just stops. It will stop anywhere between 0 and 39 seconds into the transfer.

I've fathomed every possiblility of what to change to get it to work, however, I now turn to you guys.



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Post by leamich »

==== if you're having problems with DCC Chat/Send: Disconnect from IRC, then goto Setup/Local Info, and clear the [Local Host] and [IP Address] boxes, and goto 'On Connect Always Get:' and make sure '[ ] Local Host' is checked. Then, reconnect...If that doesn't work, try changing Normal to Server, or vice-versa ====


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Post by Eenie »

File/options/DCC/options .. make sure the time-out in seconds options are set high. I keep mine all at 9999.

Eenie :)