[Help Connection] AUTO Proxied Gline.

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[Help Connection] AUTO Proxied Gline.

Post by wartech24 »

(465) [2] AUTO Proxied Gline.
::: (ERROR) Closing Link: Pro|ekt-X by mesa.az.us.undernet.org (K-lined)

can anybody tell me why ... i was just chatting ... got disconnected and when i tried to connect again .. the same msg from all servers ...

why?? :confused:

this happened 5-6 days ago
for how long ?? :cry:
my all friends are waiting to meet me again ... but

waiting 4 an answer..... :-?

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Post by Eenie »

I quote from the page I am sending you to: "Due to the overwhelming abuse of misconfigured Wingate, Socks and Proxy servers being exploited daily, the UnderNet network is now checking all users upon connection to any of the UnderNet IRC Servers. This check is ONLY DONE if a user attempts to establish a connection to an UnderNet IRC server."

See more at: http://www.undernet.org/proxyscan.php

Hope this helps you,
Eenie :)

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Post by MrBean »

if you are not behind a proxy, email abuse@undernet.org with the gline
reason, and your host, they can probably tell you more about this gline .

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Post by Dooku »

I just HATE :evil: LAMERS who works with those f... scripts and they are makeing clones with scrips and proxy they are makeing hundrets every1of them with a diferent nick ,ident,ip well how can u rezolv this ? :( i mean they are so unpolite they want 2 ddos IRC Operators they just don`t realise what a IRC Operator do 4 them (holding server up make shure that all is ok )
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Post by OUTsider »

Eenie: In case of a proxyscan related gline, the reason would tell the client to visit the proxyscan page for a fix etc. This seems to be something else.
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Post by sirAndrew »

Also it seems not to be a gline as the server added a K-line on the host which is a server ban and not a global one, try connectiing to a another server no offence to the ones that maintain mesa.* but that server is weird!
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