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local host

Post by patriciaH »

i just logged in to irc and i got this 'message' (sorry i dont know how to call it :D ) [22:21:28:24] Local host: FAMILY (86.23....)
is that FAMILY ok ? i dont remember ever to see that as my local host, but it was always like home- 7cja84fiofjd... or something
so why suddenly it turned into FAMILY ? :-?
(i have scanned my pc for viruses and it looks ok)

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Post by Spidel »

that's nothing to be worried about it, you can change it, by setting up your local network settings ;) if you can connect to UnderNet servers, i don't think this is a major problem of having such an localhost name.
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Post by patriciaH »

alright, thanks
sorry for bothering :lol:


Post by SilverSword »

If the subject is already closed, and you got it out (know how it happens also) then accept my apologyses :-)
If not, let me complete.
In your case, your computer name/network computer name is FAMILY, which IRC includes it into the host, IRC server types read that.
You could try /localinfo -uh [host ip]
Looks up and sets your local info settings. The -u switch performs a /userhost lookup, the -h switch does a normal lookup. If you wish, you can also set the local info manually by specifying the host and ip values.

From mIRC website FAQ, number 16
What is my Local Host name?

The Local Host name is the name you or your provider assigned to your PC. It can be a single word or a name equivalent to your IP Address.

If your host has just suddenly changed, that goes to another story, related to your internet service provider or one of the Agbot virus versions. But we will exclude this for now :-)
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Post by mwx »

Only that person can see the host resolved to FAMILY, other persons might see it as she said: home- 7cja84fiofjd... or something
..etc. So there's no worry about it. I like to repeat the conclusion :D
Regards, Lomax.