why undernet allow only 3 connection in my IP? i have mycafe

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why undernet allow only 3 connection in my IP? i have mycafe

Post by j4l4ni »

hi to all..

i want to connect more IRC on undernet because i have 50 computers in my cyber cafe and there are many chatters in Undernet here..

please help!
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Post by Spidel »

read /motd of the servers where you want connect and it tells there how many connections from same ip are allowed on that certain server, i recommend to have on each PC real ips, not a single ip for every PC.
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Post by xplora »

Spidel means each computer have it's own internet IP address, not 1 internet IP address for your whole store
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Post by araw1 »

Hi j4l4ni,

You should contact abuse@undernet.org for that.

Quoted from Undernet AUP - Rules: http://www.user-com.undernet.org/documents/aup.php

from Undernet AUP wrote:Limit connections to 3 per User or IP for Primary Access providers. This will be strictly enforced at 5 connections. Exceptions for *primary* internet access (netcafes, college dorms and a few others) can be requested by contacting abuse@undernet.org;

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Post by Eenie »

Apparently, abuse@undernet.org is not the place to ask this anymore.

On Mon Aug 11, 2008 11:32 pm, xplora stated:
abuse@undernet.org isn't really the place to ask, you have to organise it with a server admin, you can find the admin contact details of the server you would like the extra connections on with /motd or /admin while connected to the server you would like the connections on.

See viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9526 for the current discussion on this matter.

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