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Its about UserGroup

Post by weard »

Hello peoples. I am trying to make an channel UserGroup where we can help people with more things. For example some person joins the channel and ask's for Windows help channel, we will say " Join channel #Windows " or for Forgotten password from username we will say "Join "Usernames". That's one, the seccond is : If some people needs to know how to become or how to talk with some admin(s)/oper(s) and so on we will explain them how. If they need to know how they root an server on Undernet we will explain and give them the website ( ) guess you already know that :o). Its just an simple guid, not just help. We will be able to ask many questions but we need selected people that knows how to talk and explain. I will wait for you so... you can find me with nick'name " weard ". Have an nice day ! :D

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Post by puterfixer »

Satisfy my curiosity, please? Let's assume there's a person which needs help with his or her computer and just can't think of joining obvious channels such as #computers or #computerhelp or even #help. What makes you think the person will suddenly have a flash of divine inspiration and think, "Wait a second!!! I will join #UserGroup and they know where to direct me to!" ?
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Post by Compy »

This almost sounds like a fight for users to have access and form what they want to call "official" channels. Plus these guys went around abiguously inviting opers (including me) to join their channel. You dont need opers just for channels. This only adds another wannabe channel to the list and will only further confuse users.

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Not Channel Service related, topic moved
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