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Post by Razvanet »

First of all this isn't about planes, secondly i think we could use artificial inteligence in some matters, but i would defenetly not ride in a plane with no pilot yet. Going back to the topic this was about chating with ircops and admins...
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Post by Chunka »

Guys I really do not understand why do you want to speak with opers that much ? Yeah they are busy people, busy with servers etc etc but they spend the same time with chatting too. But because of wannabe's bothering them all the time and licking their asses they prefer to stay back from public chats all the time IN MY OPINION.
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Post by DumbGirL »

I agree with Chunka

IRCops are human too ... not robots....
you guys are absurd about it
you are so desperate to talk to IRCops
I appreciate IRCops and for the time they offer us, but you guys need to give them a break .... they need it ...... you dont like it when ur bothered by bots, to them we are like bots are to us ....
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Post by sirAndrew »

Can we all talk about ircops in one big topic not spread all over the forum?
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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

*Agrees with SirAndrew* i've already seen 3 topics (So Far) that all has the same discussion.

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Post by DUNCAN_ »

*Nominated to "worst threads ever".*

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Post by Eenie »

Mods, even supermods cannot merge topics in the same section. We can only move a topic from one section to another, or delete a topic.

People need to use the SEARCH function before starting topics!!!


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Post by Skello »

No offence Eenie, great to see you, but topic replies can be splited and moved to another topic and the first topic message (of the user who created the topic) as well as the topic can be entirely deleted afterwards. It's a phpBB thing ;)

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Post by Eenie »

Skello: Not with this forum atm ;(

Eenie :)

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Post by sirAndrew »

Well there should be an option the the forum which oblies the poster of a new topic to do a search before creating a new topic! My oppinion, but i don`t think that is possible, but there is more to that, some ppl post new topics just to have their name at the author form!
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Post by Irku »

This forum is using an older version ? hmm...
Someone should update it. It's not that hard.

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Post by OUTsider »

2.0.8 is the latest release.
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Post by puterfixer »

2.0.8a is latest release of phpBB, and Undernet webmasters have kept the forum up to date with latest releases and security patches. phpBB script doesn't have by default a function to "merge" two threads into a single one, nor to move a post directly from a thread to another. The only functions available are to lock/unlock threads, delete, move to another section and "split" a number of posts from a thread into a separate thread. The "merge" functionality can be added with an add-on script (called "forum mod" or "forum hack"). Other forum scripts, like InvisionBoard or vBulletin, have lots of functions already built-in, including merging threads. phpBB decided to be modular and as simple as possible, allowing webmasters to install only what they need. This goes by the KISS principle - Keep It Simple, Stupid. That being said, this off-topic discussion can end now, let's get back to talking with IRC Ops and admins. Thank you.

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Post by Lestat »

Well, there are many opers on Undernet. But maybe it is a bad idea to have a chat channel with them. Instead, a place here where they can talk with us and post things and reply, I find it easyer.
It also would be great for them to tell peopple about them, if they want, because there are many users that really admire opers and are curious about them. The same thing could be taken into consideration for other old Undernet Officials. It gives perspective for new users and respect for the network. In the end, this is a good idea, or it can be if some interest is shown.
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