[Help Connection] k-lined.

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[Help Connection] k-lined.

Post by wizzle »

Yesterday I was allowed into Undernet and today I got a message when I tried to logon that I'm K-lined. Now I'm about the most mild mannered 60 year old lady you can find. Why am I k-lined?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And just what is K-lined? Does it go away?

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Post by Etherfast »

A k-line is a server ban set in the server's config.
I'm now blind answering you, as you should provide me at least with the reason you're getting klined for.
Undernet has a special mailing list that handles G-lines/K-lines issues. Please send one e-mail to abuse@undernet.org and include the IP address, kline reason and the server where you're trying to connect. That's a relatively fast e-mailing list, you should get a reply soon.

Second, if the kline reason is generic, like 'bots' and stuff, you can always try to see if you match any general pattern (eg don't use a one-letter non-idented host)
TIP: A kline is set on one server at a time, changing the server might work. It's best for you to send the e-mail I was telling you about, and then we'll analyse the other options.

Also, topic moved to the General / IRC Help section, this isn't related to CService in any way.
I wish you luck and feel free to post here again if you have any unanswered questions.