[Help] Dns unable to resolve.

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[Help] Dns unable to resolve.

Post by Rockster »

I am having problems with my Dnd
I can connect to a undernet server
I get a responce Dns resolved

but when I join a channel I get this message
* Dns unable to resolve Rockster.users.undernet.org

any ideas on how to resolve this problem

I have removed all scripts from my mirc and I still get this error

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Post by Eenie »

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Post by Etherfast »

That's an error you're getting when you try to DNS a +x-ed user in the chat.
The +x-ed undernet hosts will not resolve to anything, they're spoofed vhosts.
Anyway, I don't see the reason why you can't join any channels.

Try typing /remote off, and adding the following line into aliases.ini:

Code: Select all

/j /join #$$1 $2

I see no reason why it wouldn't let you joining channels once you're connected to IRC.
Or are you able to join a channel, but you're annoyed by that error message?
If so, why don't you try reinstalling your IRC Client completely?
mIRC saves few information into the windows registry and most of it into its configuration files.

There's another issue I can think about.
I'm connecting to the internet behind a wireless router. For some reason, when I'm connecting to an IRC server, it automatically DNS's my IP address. On the other hand, if I'd have a script that will login me automatically and will hide my IP, the DNS resolving script (from the router, I guess) would get an error.

Try connecting directly to the internet, if possible, not via a proxy/firewall/router.

Hope it helped.
Good luck :)

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Post by Rockster »

The firewall settings are not what affects my connection.
I can log on to Undernet I can join channels. If I try to
send a document to someone it says I am unable to connect
to the other person. I have used these same settings and this is
something that has just reciently started where my DNS is
not being resolved.
When I connect to undernet I can resolve my host by checking it
with /DNS Rockster. Only when I join a channel then I type
/DNS Rockster it tells me it is unable to resolve my host.

I have reinstalled mirc and connected just fine. the issue seems to be with one of these settings. I have checked all my settings and this is all I keep in my perform and removed them then entered them one at a time checking my DNS and I have been able to resolve my host. But after my connection is dropped and I relog onto undernet and rejoin a channel
I get the same problem, I am unable to resolve my DNS

/dcc packetsize 8192
/fsend on
/pdcc on
//mode $me +x
//msg X@channels.undernet.org LOGIN $me PASSWORD

like I said when I connect to undernet and those have been triggerd
I can still resolve my DNS. its only after I join a channel I can no
longer resolve my DNS.

I have no other scripts loaded. I have already tried turning off my remotes. and I get the same problem.
I have tried to disable even those commands and
connect to the undernet then I checked my DNS
and I recieved a responce.
I triggered each one of those events one at a time and still no change
in my dns. if I reboot mirc and connect to undernet
I can resolve my DNS it is only once I join a channel I can no longer resolve my DNS.

I have come to the conclusion that it may be Undernet network that is
preventing me from resolving my DNS
I can log onto other networks with no porblems it is only
when I am logged on to undernet and I have joined a channel

I guess I will these commands and enter them in after I join a channel
so I can connect to others. right now it only seems to affect my ability
to send and recieve if I leave these three commands in when I connect
to the undernet

/dcc packetsize 8192
/fsend on
/pdcc on

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Post by Etherfast »

If you're using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, try disabling the Windows firewall.

As for the issue with DNS resolving, it really has nothing to do with the DCC.
If you /dns nickname, and nickname is not +x, you will get a successful resolving.
If nickname is +x, you WILL get that error you're experiencing, as undernet spoofed hosts are not resolvable.

Try deleting the //mode $me +x from the perform, and you will stop receiving that error.
Let us know if it worked.

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Post by sirAndrew »

The only times i get that error is when i use a bouncer. If you are on a psybnc you can`t send files through dcc but you can receive...
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Post by Crosswing »

Try entering local information in mIRC options.

1) press ALT+O;
2) click the `+' on the right near Connect, if it's not already expanded;
3) click on Local Info;
4) clear the `Local host' field;
5) enter your IP in the `IP Address' field;
6) set the lookup method to Normal.

I hope this helps. Make sure you're not connected to any server while doing this. Enjoy.
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Post by adilupu »

you must disabla the firewall!!![/code] :classic:

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Post by Rockster »

My Windows Firewall has always been disabled. I scan all material with 3
different programs for trojans, spyware and viruses. I am able to dcc
chat with others b ut I can not connect on a upload or download to
anyone. I do not use any kind of port socket forwarding settings in mirc
everything is preset with my linksys router. and I have been in touch with
linksys about the port forwarding settings and they are all correct.

I have unload all my scripts. Then I reinstall mirc and everything works
I am in the process of testing each script and commands in the perform
one at a time. I have removed the +i and the mode Rockster +x
I believe it may be a combination of both commands.
mode Rockster +x and pdcc 2147483647

I have been reading the mIRC v6.17 help file on pdcc and that command
has been changed to /pdcc ON. So this issue has been changed

Since I have removed both of those lines my connection has improved on
undernet. Now that that has been taken care of. My connection to newnet
is doing the same as what was happening on Undernet. I believe it maybe
a connection issue with my provider since I have each network on its own
mIRC. when I am logged on to newnet I can not connect to anyone to
send them a document even if I try to use the same mIRC to connect to
newnet as I do undernet that nick can not connect to anyone either. I am
running a clean copy of mirc on each network. In the past I just
removed all my scripts. Then I would re-installed mIRC and everything
would work find for a day or two then it would start up again. I am on
expanded cable. I have checked my connection speed on the internet and
the results were 7018 kbps download speed and a 704 kbps upload
speed. But when I am on IRC my connections speed seems to be as good
as if I were using a 14.4 modem.

I had the local cable company come out and check my lines since I kept
getting a 10053 connection problem and they found one of the splitters
had been wired in backwards.
Since I re-installed mirc and removed all my scripts I can connect to
others. I think the problem seems to becomming form these two
commands then if I remove the commands and restart mirc I still can not
connect to others.

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Post by Lost »

I was trying to get a username for IRC using cserve/live but I accidently typed in the wrong email address. Now, I can't register for a username since it says that ISP is already registered with them.

How do I go about correcting my email address? There's no way I am going to be able to receive that email now since I missed out the "student" bit in my email address, which is supposed to be XXX@student.university.edu.au.

I am so worried. What should I do?

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Post by xplora »

wait 24 hours then try again
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