[Tutorial] Spyware protections.

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[Tutorial] Spyware protections.

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To reduce the infection potential for malware and protect yourself against spyware, here are a few helpful suggestions:

1. Keep Windows and Internet Explorer current with the latest critical security updates from Microsoft. This will patch many of the security holes through which attackers can gain access to your computer.

2. Prevent spyware, homepage hijacking and increase your browser security by using the following free programs:

• [url=http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareguard.html]SpywareGuard[/url]
• [url=http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html]SpywareBlaster[/url]

3. Prevention and Protection Tips:

[url=http://youngun.castlecops.com/archives/2005/11/basic_understanding_of_securit.html#more]"Basic understanding of security"[/url] by me, Victor C. aka YounGun for an introduction into the security world.
[url=http://home.planet.nl/~kleyn080/Spywareinfoen.html#voorkomen]"Help Preventing Spyware"[/url] by Pieter Arntz [aka: Metallica] for detailed instructions on how to install and use the above preventive tools.
[url=http://ralphcaddell.com/pchelp/spyware.htm]"How to Protect yourself from malware!"[/url] and download a FREE anti-spyware, Firewalls and security tools from ONE LOCATION.
[url=http://castlecops.com/t7736-So_how_did_I_get_infected_in_the_first_place.html]"How did I get infected in the first place?"[/url] by Tony Klein.
[url=http://aumha.org/a/parasite.htm]"THE PARASITE FIGHT: Finding, Removing & Protecting Yourself From Scumware"[/url]

4. Safer Internet Explorer Settings:

[url=http://castlecops.com/t119842-Safer_Internet_Explorer_Settings_for_SP1_amp_SP2.html]"Safer Settings for Internet Explorer for SP1 & SP2"[/url] by Larry Stevenson [aka: Prince_Serendip]
[url=http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/smallbusiness/prodtech/windowsxp/iesecxp.mspx]"How to Configure Enhanced Security Features for Internet Explorer in XP SP2"[/url].

5. Increase Your Computer Stability and Overall Security

[url=http://aumha.org/a/health.htm]"COMPUTER HEALTH: Getting greater stability from Windows"[/url].
[url=http://www.tom-cat.com/security.html]"Secure Your Home Computer"[/url]by TomCat for a comprehensive overview on how to keep your computer safe.

6. Confused about which apps are good or not? Read [url=http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm]"Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products"[/url].