[General] About #Report-Abuse

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[General] About #Report-Abuse

Post by undermaster »

Hi All Undernet Users:

My Question is : why #report-abuse and #reports are in mode +i if this channels are created to help users about abuse, and don't tell me the e-mail......etc :D i want only only the reason to make them in mode +i and when will open ?
Waiting For The Answer & Thanks


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Post by Dooku »

Well i don't know 100% but my opinion is that : if some one wants 2 report a abuse and the abuser is in the same channel he will try 2 "harm" that user, thats my opinion ... :) So ... if for users protection
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Post by sirAndrew »

As far as i know, the channel is under reconstruction, new reports system and everything have pacience.
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Post by Mitko »

First of all #Reports was always +i . About #Report-Abuse - the channel is not under reconsturction, but the website (which includes the whole reporting system actually). You may not know anything else. So just be patient, the team does everything for it's project. Btw, if you do /topic #Report-Abuse you will see '#Report-Abuse will be offering its services soon. Right now we are closed.' So I don't see the point asking what's up with RA, when it's supplied in the topic. By the way, I was wondering what has to do #Report-Abuse with this Channel service help section on the Undernet forums ?

PS. curiousity killed the cat.

Best Regards,
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Post by xplora »

not a channel services question, topic moved

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Post by undermaster »

About " not a channel services question, topic moved " This part of
forum is named " General / IRC Help " not Channel Services, that why i
posted it here, not in the other place on the forum :-) Bye Bye & Have
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Post by evol »

You didn't actually post it here but in the Cservice forums. that is why mitko said that, and that is why the topic was moved in here to General / IRC Help forums.

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Post by Stefanoo »

that channel is useless. iv fwd many users to there.. even myself i several times reported in the past some lame things with logs.. no result..
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Post by undermaster »

I wrote the first message -> Fri Sep 30, 2005 2:25 pm <- and now is Sun Jan 15, 2006 and still the channel closed and no topic set. mean we canNOT report channels abuse, flood, drones.....etc

Thanks All


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Post by jasee »

For abuse committed in registered channels, you may contact cservice-abuse[at]undernet[dot]org.
For drones/bots, contact abuse-exploits[at]undernet[dot]org.
For other abuse, including G-Lines or IRC Operator committed abuse, contact abuse[at]undernet[dot]org.

In both cases, please provide written proof. Please do not attempt to investigate matters, as you may disrupt other on-going investigations.

This is the way things were done in the past too.

Sorry for the late reply.
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Post by simba »

Also the channel is currently being re-organised, re-developed and re-staffed...hense the invite only.

Topic locked.