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[Connection HELP]

Post by pluribus »

When i connect to mesa.az.undernet.org ( )

I get the following message::

*** Looking up your hostname
*** Checking Ident
*** No ident response
insecure computer. .

Then a message that I am k-lined.

What does this mean "insecure computer" and why am I getting the message. This is only happening on one machine , even though all my machines are using the same OS, client (xchat) and external IP ( all on one NAT with one WAN IP )

Please explain why this one computer is considered insecure by this server.

Thank you

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Post by pluribus »

Looks like the reason is because the local user was "superuser" which is a term sometimes synonymous with "root." I am futher testing the theory but i think the mesa server may block any ident info with superuser in it.

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Post by xplora »

Not looks like, is... You will find most irc servers (as in not just undernet) will block common OS service usernames like root, postmaster, superuser, mail, www, etc
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