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[Help] Botlending

Post by sopirlaa »

Cei de la BotLending ... si`au facut o echipa .. dau botii la oameni dupa caer ii lasa ceva timp si le fac Take Over pe canal... hmz .. ce prostii . nu stiam ca Undernet`ul ajuns asa.... canal #a&a .... si mai sunt dar nu le stiu ...

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Post by Wolfyx »

Uhm..u might wanna post in english some everyone would understand..and #a&a is a well known channel that makes abuses with bots..etc..if that channel is registered (which i strongly doubt) u can report it at cservice-abuse@undernet.org (with logs that prove what u claim) and if it is unregistered, u might wanna try #zT , with same logs that prove u`re acusations..g`luck
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Post by zeee »

I used once the services of a little botlending channel. After awhile of peace and quiet i had some problems with my login at the bot. Something happened and they asked me if i have another "undernet" username, because they couldn`t make the bot recognize me, At their question i said no and i told them that having more that one username on undernet means abuse. at my reply they asked me to make another username because i shouldn`t belive what cservice sais! After this they and their bot got banned! the channel name was #b&z and it`s a #botlending member1

I don`t agree with their services at all :devil:
Thank you

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Post by TheAbyss »

Yes there are many channels #a_leter&a_leter which provide bots. Well I dont use them because I believe that X is the best, more confident and efficient.
This topic has been discussed before you should use Search more often.
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Post by Homer »

Another botlending threat? use the search button please :roll:
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