[General] Creating Undernet Server.

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As LordChris allready told, it won't be accepted a home-hosted server application, you'll need a sponsorisation. Second, you'll have to add somebody (most likely more than one) to be online 24/7 (irc operators - O - global, o - local). It's not easy to maintain such a server. There are a lot of net breaks and there should be somebody to connect the server to it's hub

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i use mirc about 4 years...i dont need fun ....
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topic not CService related, moved to General IRC Help

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heh this thing about money is starting to be funny.

Some of you people don't seem to understand something: Money does count. It doesn't matter where the server is fizicly, or who mantains it or whatever..this DOES cost money,the amount of internet bandwidth it uses, the hardware it runs on, the electricity it uses, it all COSTS MONEY, but if you don't pay those costs that means someone else does ..like the sponsor so "sponsor" is the person who pays the money.

LordMike sez:
it won't be accepted a home-hosted server application
Well I read the routing-com documents and I seem to have missed the part that says "no home based servers"
And no, that's not true,..this comes down to the money thing again..so theoreticly if I had enough money I could make a DataCenter and NOC in my garage and get a OC-128 line and have all the requirements for good running of a server. so ... [img]http://www.noica.org/haha.bmp[/img]
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He could sniff Undernet (there must be a lot of unencrypted traffic out there) or/and create an organization or something to serve some of his purposes, in the same time dedicating a lot of his time to preserving stealth. And so, in short time, he'll recover his investition.
Not quite a plausible scenario, but wtf

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Don`t forget all the nice people from your fan club..A new server is a potential target for abusers, flooders..ddosing etc..that`s what practicly makes the server crash from time to time..
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Welp, you just need some good opers to try and prevent that, but the hardest part is when you get the sponsor..coz indeed as jay`z said, it costs a truck load of money, most routing-com applications for servers get rejected coz of the invalid sponsor