Is Undernet dead?

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Re: Is Undernet dead?

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Wondering wrote:Good, let's say Undernet is not dead then.

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You cannot say that Undernet is doing as well as it was just a few years ago.
It's getting smaller and smaller.
Together with the homemade problems this is a really bad combination.
What's the point of all this?

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Eenie wrote: What's the point of all this?

As someone new to Undernet (or noob if you like) who was looking for a place to hang around, I stumbled over various unsolved problems mentioned here on the forums.
I also was welcomed with a gline on my first try to connect (true that I did not investigate the reason, but it still speaks for itself I think).
At some later point I decided to try again and indeed could connect. But while hopping around in channels I constantly got messaged with various spam. One channel was even flooded so much that it became useless, because only crap was scrolling through the window.
All that doesn't really make it look like a place where you want to stay. And judging by the decline, many think so it seems.
It also became clear that if users speak up and ask for changes, nothing happens.

You mentioned the apathy on Undernet yourself.

The point is the apathy.