(Infected with a virus or trojan)'

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(Infected with a virus or trojan)'

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I am receiving endless "AUTO [1] (AaNTP) Infected with a virus or trojan, please clean your system. Cleaner @ http://www.moosoft.com (P20)" messages while I know with (almost) certainty that I am not infected with something.
I am using Ubuntu Gnu/Linux. Just to be on the safe side, I also used the ClamAV to check my disk and my PC came out clean.

I understand from what I read in previous messages that it maybe my computer itself isn't the problem, but rather the IP I am getting from my ISP. It's not something that I help though; even if Ii restart my modem/router I will still get almost the same IP address and the problem remains.
Also judging from the fact that I am not unable to connect for almost 120' the g-line's themselves aren't update that fast so the solution "just wait and you'll connect EVENTUALLY." doesn't really solves it....

I am using Virgin Media in UK, and I do believe it's a a pretty "major" ISP to have it G-lined like that. If Undernet has such terrible problems with Virgin Media actually it should try and contact them. It's really harsh for legitimate users to be kicked out like this.

Is there any solution to my problem? In the distant past I did rely on playing with Tor to solve this if it happened but now this option is off also (I don't really endorse that decision but hey! it's your network) so now I am pretty much stuck! :)

Any ideas to solve this? Can I e-mail some service? Or I press a magic passkey? :P

As a quick work-around (with significant implications though) the g-line's for infection purposes could possibly be removed after just 60' or something but I do understand that would be a major change in network policy. But I want to get online somehow, in the not that distant future! :D


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If you're certain your computer isn't infected, the best solution with these is to email abuse@undernet.org with the gline reason and your nick!user@host and realname information.

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Post by minnie »

I am also getting a lot of this with linux. It is amusing that we are being asked to download a windows tool.

Do all linux users now have to e-mail abuse@undernet ?



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You're asked to download a Windows tool as the gline is received based on behavior similar to a Windows virus.
And no, not all linux users need to email. Make sure your irc client isn't sending unwanted data ( spam ) and you should be fine ( yes, that can happen under linux as well </sarcasm> ).