[Abuse] Weird but Real

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[Abuse] Weird but Real

Post by RoofJM »

Hello Undernet Forums
I and my friends have a channel and have been joining it for months.
However, There are some people who want the channel and tring to hack/take over the channel.
The channel is on NOREG and will be lifted up this Saturday.
They are from different countries. And They have an IRC Op friend. He's helping them to get the channel by g-line'ing/kill'ing us.
We sent e-mails to abuse@undernet.org a week ago, not yet any reply back tho. They're channel stealers, nick keepers, usernames impersonaters.
They even got an username just as like mine to trick the people. (Mine is RoofJM, they have very similar, RooofJM) (suspended twice today, thank you). I can provide you the whole channel-log.
I mean we are getting killed or glined just because we own a channel that they want to get.
How come an IRC Op act like this way? I even don't log into my username via my regular nickname because they notify'ed our nicks to get our IP's to fake. Bcos they are actually using our own original IP's.
People from #nastrand couldn't understand the situation and i'm forced to post a topic here unfortunately.
People told that glines are being kept so some people might notice who's that IRCOp is.

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Post by Mitko »

Hi RoofJM,

You should really explain the situation to abuse@undernet.org in details in one email and be patient.
An alternative is #report-abuse, which is temporary closed now. Check /topic #report-abuse for updates.

Wish you luck.
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko