AUTO [0] Host used for flooding.

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AUTO [0] Host used for flooding.

Post by venceremos »

Could you please someone tell me what is that? AUTO [0] Host used for flooding.

Im getting this message some days now, im using a 3G internet connection and as i know from the provider, all the users are using 5 differnt IPs. We share ip.

It's like im a-killed or something to undernet, even tho i have never done something wich is against the policy.

Please take a look on this and ask me for more details if neccesery.


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Post by Sabin »

That message is a g-line reason. A g-line is a ban on all undernet servers, you have to mail with your ip address and reason of gline, ask why you are gline and instructions for its removal.

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Post by Panzer »

Shared internet connections (such as 3G) are usually considered abusive and come under the effect of filters that remove them upon connection.

The best way would be to have a single non-shared IP per your connection (a thing you should ask your provider to offer) or/and contact a Server Admin (/admin while connected on UNet) and to explain the situation.

It happens to my 3G connection all the time too.

Btw you're posting in the wrong section, this doesen't belong to Channel Service help.

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