[Tutorial] How to use the Undernet Forum

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[Tutorial] How to use the Undernet Forum

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The following is a guide for all forum users experienced or not, newbies or old forum users. These guidelines do not teach you how to use a forum, but how to use the Undernet Forum. The Tutorial comes together with the forum [url=http://www.undernet.org/forumaup.php]Forum Acceptable use policy[/url]. These are guidelines not rules not none the less have to be followed.

How to post a new topic

When you want to post a new topic in the forum make sure:

1) You post it in the right section.
2) The subject has not been discussed before on the forum. To be sure use the [url=http://forum.undernet.org/search.php]Search[/url] function of the forum.
3) The subject in question is related in any way to the undernet network or the internet in general. This excludes posting the General Section topics such as: What`s your favourite colour/cellphone/car/bird etc.

How to reply to a topic

When you reply to a post make sure:

1)The topic in question is not dead (which means the topic hasn`t been replied to for a long while).
2)You have something new, important to say. Don`t reply like this: Yes. Good. I agree. etc.

Also remember that the forum is a moderated enviroment and it`s purpose is not only to help users but to discuss certain subjects related to undernet or the internet. Do not seek help only on the undernet forum.

You`ll receive better help on irc in help channels, or on the website of [url=http://user-com.undernet.org]User-com[/url] [url=http://coder-com.undernet.org]Coder-Com[/url] [url=http://cservice.undernet.org]Cservice[/url] [url=http://routing-com.undernet.org]Routing-com[/url] in the tutorials posted in the committees` websites. Also a general help page is the [url=http://help.undernet.org]#Help`s website[/url] which is the web corespondent of the channel #help on irc.

If you seek help on the forum and don`t receive it in due time do not blame the forum administration as stated above the purpose of the forum is to discuss subjects not help users.

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