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Hi, My name is Vincent and I’m 17 years old and I live in the town of Leon, a 27-km town from the city Iloilo, here in the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines... My nickname on IRC is Polter and it's alternatives are numb3rz and Poltaire.

I have a sister and three brothers (me being the third and my sister the second eldest). Nothing in particular about me, i feel that the color black is the color that suits me... not so much interested in cars, etc... My hobbies are playing guitar, composing songs and music, playing games (rpg & fps) programming (C++ and VB)... My skills in programming are average (a newbie in C++, i prefer VB)... After I finish my degree in college (IT) I want to enroll for another one (Education) becoz i want to teach...

I can be seen parking in the channel #iloilo...

That's all I can introduce about myself... Lookin' forward in knowin' you guys.
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