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TRUEname : Achraf


USERname : UnderMaster

Age : August 16th

Linvin' : Tanger Morocco

Informations about me : Studied 3 Years Of Economics And Now 4 Years
of International Trade And Marketing ->

Workin' : in a multinational company "Call Center" ->

IRC : My Start In Undernet Was In :roll: finals of 95/96/, My Start
Was Very Bad Because I Was A Big Hacker/Flooder......etc,
after being suspended by CsAdministrators more than 7
times, I was thinking to finish with the IRCworld, After some
months, i return again and join some Help channels and
watch, sometimes interferin', sometimes bein' banned or
kicked for bein' LOL of users. Now IRC-Helping-addicted

NOW, completely changed :o)
N.B : if you want to know more about me just /query COMISAIRE25 LOL
Sincerly Ur Friend COMISAIRE26 :lol: