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My real name is Bogdan, and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I am 20 years old, and I finished highschool two years ago. Currently, I'm studying Informathics at some well known college. Also spending my time workingin Public Relations / Customer Service Department for the biggest Romanian ISP.
My IRC Nickname varies a lot, but I'm mostly in CService.
My passions are Networking, PC's, like anything about them :P, cell phones, girls.. Sometimes, I just like to chat with people.. you know, spending time, changing experience and other stuff. Just for fun.
Languages I speak are English, French, and of course Romanian. I can say "I don't speak this language" in Spanish, Italian and a few more :P Seems that I'm able to say "I love you" in those languages, too =) I wonder why. Long live the Altavista online translator =)

That's mostly it, there's a link to my personal website in my signature.

Keep up the good work all :)