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Hi, I'm Mario, 18, living in Bucharest, Romania. They say I'm a fun, witty, cosmopolite grouch. At this time I'm a K12 student. Later on, I intend to join the PR Academy in Bucharest. Among my hobbies are foreign languages, philosophy, arts, history and travelling. I've been all over Europe, and I travel frequently to Greece and Belgium. I listen to all kinds of music but I'm a big fan of trance/house.

Best clubs I've been to are [url=http://www.venue-athens.com]Venue[/url] (Greece) and [url=http://www.lademence.com]La Demence[/url] (Belgium). In Bucharest, I go to [url=http://www.queen-s-club.ro/]Queens[/url] a lot.

Check out my [url=http://jasee.rsc.cx/blog/]Blog[/url] for news, thoughts and ideas. I'll try to keep that updated. Should you wish to know how I look like, check out my [url=http://photos.yahoo.com/aariekje]Yahoo! Pictures Directory[/url].
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