In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

In Loving Memory
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I remember him as beeing my mentor on #Help, I remember him as beeing my friend, I remember him as beeing one of the few that trusted in me, I remember him as beeing the man that always made me laugh...

I'm still in shock...

He helped me in alot of matters and had a lot of long chats with him about different issues... he was a man you could talk anything with... a man of wisdom..

You will be greatly missed my friend, may God bless your soul !

Rest in peace Sir Jail !
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God bless him and may he rest in peace.

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Post by Varsatorul »

may God Bless his soul..was a special person
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Post by Mazu »

i entered the #jail channel a few moment ago because i saw the rip topics all around, and a this song came up in my player: 0875. BT - [This Binary Universe] See You On The Other Side

he must have really been someone, thought i`d come over here and pay my regards as well, although i have never chatted or seen him on irc

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Post by Greedo »

Rest In Peace,

With Love,


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Post by kevin7911 »

god bless him, remember forver.
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Post by bad-- »


I havent been on IRC for quite a few years i would say. I just came on today, for a laugh, and say hello to a few old IRC friends. However i learnt that Jail, one of my first few IRC friends, has passed away.

I knew him ever since he ran #5, and was a pro-active helper on #help - both these channels, among others, where i used to hang around.

I am deeply saddened to have lost a good mate.

To his family and friends:- you have my deepest condolences. I'm sorry for your loss. But i'm sure he's in a better place.

To Jail, if you're reading this:- Thanks champ! You were a fantastic person and I am one of the many of who had the pleasure of knowing you. Sorry for not having kept in touch on IRC - i've been crazy busy with my life. God bless and R.I.P.

King Regards,
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Post by Leetah »

This is so hard to fathom and accept.Nothing I say can express what I'm feeling.
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