In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

In Loving Memory
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sirAndrew wrote:I can`t find my words, the news actually broke my heart. Another good man died. I can`t help myself thinking why does God call all the good people so early.

I will always remember some of the words jail said to me back in 2003 when i was a volunteer in #help "I am rude but honest". So he was, he was a honest man, but some didn`t appriciate him, didn`t understand what he ment for #help, for the entire Undernet. They took away from him one of the things he enjoyed doing. They forced him to give up #help.

Back then in 2003 he was my menthor, he thought me alot of things, things that also apply in real life, things which transcended from IRC to real life, i will never forget him, his memory has it`s own little place in my heart.

I guess now you`re drinking a glass of wine in Heaven jail. Rest in peace dear friend, you will not be forgotten.... My condoleances to his family and friends, once again we lost of the good ones.

Bogdan Gherasim
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Try to apreciate someone when you have it right beside you , cause after that it`s almost impossible to get back the loved person, even after death

Rest in peace jail , you`ll be missed

a guy

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Didnt knew Sir Jail but let the man rest in peace, god bless sir jail & his family, friends... :cry:

Mustafa aka Antidate

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Hayat seni hep güzelliklerle yaþattý bundan sonra da güzelliklerle yaþatacaktýr... Seni tanýma þansýna sahip olduðum için mutluyum. Giderken arkandan býraktýklarýn sonsuza deðin hafýzalarda güzel hatýrlanacak...

Huzur içinde ol , alabildiðine uzak olsakta kalplerimiz hep birlikte kalacak...

Güle güle güzel kalpli dedecim! :cry:


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'Jail has passed away', I was shocked when I heard the news. He was a good helper who loved helping undernet users. He was the best op I've met in #help years ago.

My deepest condolence to his family and friends. May God Bless His Soul.

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Someone can tell us, how he died?

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I remember how I used to joke on his channel with him, LadyLu and some other... It is so tragic, since 3 years that I join IRC so many people are dead... I hate to hear bad news. May God bless his soul.

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I am sorry for loosing another friend and a good helper team.You will never be forgotten! :cry:


Rest in peace!

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I received a phone call last night and someone just told me the terrible news about sir jail.May god bless his soul cause he was a great person and i know him since many many years.He will never be forgotten.Rest in peace jail ...


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I Dont Know What I Said But When i heard that .... :( dono :s i just want to say god bless ur soul bro and u was the great person in real life and helper in undernet and i wish some day person like u come to us we miss u u are in our heart always we will never and ever forget u coz u are history and the histroy never end and i want to say sorry for his family i know that hurt so mutch sorry againe and ALL WORLD WILL NEVER FORGET UR NAME AND UR NICK Jail The Person How MaKe The Happiness To The ppl The Person how Help The All U Are A Great Person .
God Bless Ur Soul


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I know Sir jail was a big man and helped all users from Undernet. Will never be forgotten him. Rest in pace dear friend.

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I know Sir jail was a big man and helped all users from Undernet. Will never be forgotten him. Rest in pace dear friend.

Sorry for the last post.
The Bastard Operator from Undernet

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We had a salute each other on the translate channel 2 days ago and i remember that Jail pasted a link stating a new about perverts and then he did not put any word on and kept silence. Finally i heard about what happened to him and still shocked.

My heart was still beating although i did not have the certain news. However, i informed the sad situation to dear Saralee. Unfortunately, god takes the good people's life away earlier and hopefully he will rest in peace and has a place in heaven. We ll never forget him.

The last conversation between jail and me as below,

Session Start: Fri Jun 22 20:08:36 2007
Session Ident: #translate
[20:18:46] <^jail^> hi
[20:18:54] <Rev1vaL> Hey uncle jail
[20:19:37] <^jail^> hi Rev1vaL
[20:30:05] <^jail^> Rev1vaL did u see the news at
[20:30:30] <Rev1vaL> Still checking
[20:30:47] * Quits: Cena- ( (Quit: Yeaaa, New Car On Board.. Laters ASSH0OLES.)
[20:30:48] <^jail^> pedo arrested
[20:31:04] * X sets mode: +l 75
[20:31:37] <sancy> 300 ppl
[20:31:46] <mystic-> the latest from 18 june ^jail^ ?
[20:31:52] <^jail^> 700
[20:32:12] <^jail^> ues 19th juni 2007 19.06.2007
[20:32:12] <^jail^> UK police smash pedophile ring; 700 arrested, 31 children rescued as authorities shut global Internet operation, The ring was traced to an
[20:32:50] <Rev1vaL> Website is down to me :}
[20:33:17] <^jail^> its ok here
[20:33:19] <mystic-> then read this
[20:33:19] <^jail^>
[20:38:59] <Rev1vaL> Oh its look like our ''Umraniye'' pedophile he has been arresting pedophile people in the same place and he did that 13 time..And the children ages between 8 to 10 but finally MIT catched and punished him but HE says ''Do you think Im really wanted to do it'' as the one who is made mass kill in the UNiversity.
[20:41:04] <Rev1vaL> But in the our jails pedophile persons will not live longer surely.

And he keept silence and the lastly he said..
[21:50:54] <^jail^> Hit The Road Jack

God bless you..Our prayers with you <RIP> dear Jail :(

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God Bless Him Soul And Rest In Peace SIR Jail
I Am The One !!

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