In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

In Loving Memory
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I didn't know him so well, haven't had the oppurtinity to know him like many does. The first time I talked to him was 2 days ago. We talked about many things for our first conversation. He seemed to be a very good guy. You'll always be in my heart, and never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Jail.
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God bless you , and bless your family...

Undernet can lost servers, and soon forget them, but when Undernet lost people, this never forgets & will always live inside one
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Even if we had few chats only, I know your word and dedication on IRC.
Our deepest sympathy and condolences are expressed to his family. He will be greatly missed by all of us.


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:( You will surely be missed Jail my friend by me and all of undernet :(

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Condoleances to his family and friends,Sir Jail will never be forgotten neither did JwPara. . .Rest in peace my friend.
(-Bogdan Nica-)


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Rest In peace Sir Jail may the angels kiss you and love you

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i have know him form awhile now and learned alot form him... his a great techer and a greater friend to me..
it's a very sad day on undernet... this day will be remember.... for years to come..
" Jail u will me MISSED BY ALL "
Rest in peace, my dear friend :cry:


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It is very sad, indeed.
I knew jail, he was a good man, a very good man. He was and still is one of the few people I really respect on this network. He proved to be someone special. His words, his attitude, everything was perfect. As Dracon said and not only, his main purpose was helping the users and he was it very well. He dedicated a lot of time to this network, but, unfortunately, not everybody was fine with that.
He is not dead. We die so we can reborn. Reborn to a new and better life, where no one can bother us. I'm sure sir jail reads all these messages and smiles at us, realising that people really loved him.
Rest in peace, old man.

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Post by Iceberg »

One of the few good & pure souls who have given lots of time and effort to developing the Undernet network; also the only one who has motivated me to learn all about IRC and helping others like he did.
8 years weren't enough to know all about this person, I guess a whole lifetime wouldn't be. May he rest in peace.

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I want to write something here but i cant! still i dont believe it or i dont want to believe.

Rest in peace!

I'll pray for you Sir!

We wont forget you Sir Jail

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Just read the global notice, and wanted to give my condoleances to friends and family of Jail,

Rest in Peace Jail.

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Sir Jail gave me a few advices during our discussions, and I still don't know why today but they were all well said and very easy to accept. This guy had the touch to convince you with a patience without limits & always with a smile on his face. I'm still very shocked by what happened last night.. Rest in peace Sir Jail.

My sincere condoleances to his family & friends.


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Nothing but REST IN PEACE !!! I can't find words to express my feelings ... I know him long time ago ... and ...... tears are in my eyes.... GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.
A message for you jail: I was honored to know you ... I thank you for your efforts made to help me personally in my real life problems ... ! I shall never forget you, and your name .. You're always in our heart..
with all sorrow ... Goodbye...! :cry:

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Post by ^5 »

Just a log to remain about his humor - I always keep in mind as a dedicated and serious and a funny person

Session Start: Sat Oct 22 16:21:28 1999
Session Ident: #help
[16:21:36:PM] <^5> What is a S:line ?
[16:21:56:PM] <@jail> dono
[16:22:12:PM] <^5> Anyone ...
[16:22:47:PM] ***IAL Updated
[16:22:54:PM] * X sets mode: +l 26
[16:22:55:PM] <@jail> S-Line, leading manufacturer of Cargo Control Products. S-Line manufactures
[16:22:55:PM] <@jail> Flatbed, Van Trailer, Motorsports, Retail Packaging & Hardware Products
[16:23:02:PM] <^5> LoL
[16:24:21:PM] <^5> ty

Condoleances for Jail family
* Have no fear, SPIR is here!
* With regards,
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Post by sirAndrew »

I can`t find my words, the news actually broke my heart. Another good man died. I can`t help myself thinking why does God call all the good people so early.

I will always remember some of the words jail said to me back in 2003 when i was a volunteer in #help "I am rude but honest". So he was, he was a honest man, but some didn`t appriciate him, didn`t understand what he ment for #help, for the entire Undernet. They took anyway from him one of the things he enjoyed doing. They forced him to give up #help.

Back then in 2003 he was my menthor, he thought me alot of things, things that also apply in real life, things which transcended from IRC to real life, i will never forget him, his memory has it`s own little place in my heart.

I guess now you`re drinking a glass of wine in Heaven jail. Rest in peace dear friend, you will not be forgotten.... My condoleances to his family and friends, once again we lost of the good ones.

Bogdan Gherasim
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