In memory of Jail. A long serving member of the Undernet

In Loving Memory
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jail^ (

You had a dream
You know you dreamt so much
You had a dream
You know it meant so much
You're just a victim of the circumstance
I mean, what else could you do?
You saw your dream and you just took a chance
And for a while your dream came true
What could you do?
You had a goal
You know you aimed so high
You had soul
You knew you had to try
You're just a victim of the time of day
No matter what you say or do
You saw your dream and you just took a play
And for a while your dream came true
What could you do?

jail^ Faithful to the end, seasons change and people too, I'm so glad that I had you out there. Through the rise and through the fall, even when I'd lost it all you cared like no one else...
...jonathan gabriel... a.k.a. Truenos

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RIP jail... thanks for the laughters :( you will always stay in our heart

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[10:19] <jail> let the users stand together and make a better net

[10:19] <jail> we all asking what can undernet do for us - never what can we do for undernet

This are words that we must follow !

I will never Forget Sir Jail . Undernet has lost a big man :(

all this time he tried to make a better undernet

Rest In Peace Sir Jail friend

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My condolences to the family and to his close friends. Rip jail



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Jail spent many years trying to make Undernet a better place, and he made many friends in the process. Undernet will never forget him.

Rest in peace, jail.

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Jail has always been a kind and friendly person to everyone. I just can't forget the last time we met, he smiled to me, as usual.

May God bless his soul and receive him with His arms open in Heaven.
We will never forget him.

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May his soul rest in peace. Rest in peace.
"A wise man writes down what he thinks, a stupid man forgets what he thinks, a complete idiot punishes himself for what he thinks."

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“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” - Pope Paul Vi

jail, you were the best. Godspeed on your journey home. You will be missed by all.


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It is known you couldn't have seen Jail sad. He liked to see happy people, and help them get happy, he did that with me.

We all should promise Jail we'll live our lives to the fullest, and dedicate even a small part of our time in helping, understanding, and trying to connect with the others.

It is said the only thing that matters in life is what you leave behind, and what you leave behind in people's hearts. While in time, people do forget about a name or a person's looking, they won't ever forget the facts and that little piece of heart two people shared between them.
You gotta be joking, said the young man. Look at my heart, it's perfect, while yours is like a big wound!
Yes, said the old man, you see, every scar represents a person whom I have given my love to: I cut a little piece from my heart and give it to that person, while I receive a piece from his, which might fit perfectly into my heart, or not. Because it's not exactly the same size, you can see its edges, but how much I love those edges, because they remind me of the love I shared with the other person.
Sometimes I gave pieces from my heart to people who didn't do the same: those are the wounds. Loving has its risks.. and, although those wounds are still bleeding, I remember of those people who didn't reply to my love, and hope one day they'll come and give me a little piece from their hearts.

The young man remained speechless. It was then when he understood his heart isn't perfect. He took a piece from his heart and gave it to the old man....

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Jail, always cheerful and full of joy. Indeed a huge loss for not only Undernet, but also his family, friends and beloved.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

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you always was the one who can make others know their potential and value. You had taught me not to look back even for once and always watch out for the things ahead of us.

Rest in Peace my good Friend. You will never be forgotten in our hearts :'(


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RIP Sir will be surely be missed arround Undernet...May God and the angels take good care of you up there in heaven...and if you hear our prayers make sure that you can have access to a computer and keep watching over us on IRC :)...I am happy that i met and made such a good friend....

You will never be forgotten

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I'm so sorry.. [img][/img]
Rest in peace Jail

All my deepest condolences to his friends and family
I'm an angel, honest! The horns are just there to keep the halo straight

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God wanted him by His side. Rest in peace.