In the memory of jwpara Aka john

In Loving Memory
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life is a bad joke ! ok ? RIP... pt mort !


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Let god be there for u and help u like u did on undernet. RIP

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I didn`t knew him at all , but after all you people said in here and on IRC , he was a special man . May You Rest In Peace John . God Bless You.


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Rest in Peace John Walker.. A great man and helper.


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John, RIP, you were a great friend to me, and I'll reember every conversation we ever had. Take care of us from up above ;-)


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Thank you, JwPara, for your kind words and thoughts. The words I have read here show that you are the wonderful person I knew you to be. I loved sharing news of our children and the struggles parents have. Your children should only know how loved they are.

I am glad I knew you via undernet. You will be missed.

Jill (daTEACH)


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Rest in peace JWPara! You will be missed!


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Good admins are hard to replace... we have lost a friend....

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trully We are from god and to Him are we returning. May God bless and have mercy on the soul of John.

The sorrow and loss of John's death is surely great to so many, but we must be strong and move on. we must be happy we knew someone so good, and keep him alive in our thoughts and memories. we must try to keep him alive by keeping his ways and friendly manner alive.

God bless John and all of us
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This news does indeed sadden me, JWPara was a wonderful person, who
had helped me several times in the past, may he rest in peace and
without pain. Condolences to all friends and family.

Please paste the above re: JW to appropriate mailing lists expressing
my condolences

Thanks - Budd aka MistGhost

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I want to say something about one of Undernet's best admins, John Walker aka JwPara... may God reserve a better place for him, there, in heaven... I haven't had the opportunity to know him very well, but after all my readings on this forum, I discovered that he was a good and kind person... like others Undernet representatives (c00kie, Isaiah, eti, Crusher, Espy) may God offer them his kind attention like they offered us on this world. RIP JwPara and protect us from where you are... Protect Undernet and I hope you will still coordinate Undernet's activity from there. :cry: Condolences to all the persons that knowed him and also to his family. We will miss him a lot... very much.
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I hope his soul has found its peace, and I hope he'll watch over us, and help us, just like he did while he was among us. RIP JwPara, and may God bless your soul !
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Life is like a book, you just gotta turn the page.
just hope god gives strenght to his family and friends.


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God Bless him and may have rest in peace where he is right now. Condoleances to his family and his friends.


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In my mind it couldn't be true. I still can't believe it.

I can't forget the days when he always gave me a hand, when needed. He helped me a lot, teached me and telling me only good words.

He was the one who invited me in the CSC family. I used to talk to him several times. He always showed the same kindness. In other words, he was a GREAT person that you can't forget.

Again, I'm very sorry and I still hope we'll talk again. May God take care of your soul up there. Rest in peace.