In the memory of jwpara Aka john

In Loving Memory
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Post by Mitko »

Rest In Peace.

Condolences to his family and friends.

May God Rest his Soul.
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Post by zapp »

No words can`t express what i feel at the moment ...
John was a true friend , a person which never turned his back on anyone , full of joy and humor. A wonderful person.

May God rest his soul.
Rest in peace John.
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Post by Chance »

It is sad to read what i am reading, it is sad to see what i am seeing and it is sad to hear what i am hearing. He was the person i care a lot of, i will miss him and i will respect him always for the simple fact of his character.

All my best regards to his family and i wish that i could help them somehow. I am sorry that i did not had the ocasion to talk to him again on the mic as we did once it was really fun, or by chat on IRC as we were doing a lot.

I am usualy not sending big messages but this hard bad news really made me and many people like me to get some feelings alive and to wish to say and do something.

I just wish that i could had another ocasion to talk to John again, if not now maybe sometime in some other place where maybe we will all meet one day.

Rest in peace dear friend.
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Post by veroushka »

John i will not say good bye to you. Because you were a beautiful person in your heart towards all, specially for us in #cservice. And God will give you the gratuitous gift of the eternal life.

I will return to see you in the paradise Jwpara, it is the God's promise. You and my dear Joyce Cooke (c00kie).

"Most truly I say to YOU, The hour is coming, and it is now, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and thosewho have given heed will live." (John 5:25)

love you always

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Post by Stefanoo »

this is really a sad news. sad for us.. but "c'est la vie".. in another point of view im happy for you john that u are finaly resting in peace and starting to live the eternal life. Aslong those people who wrot a single word in this forum, chat!! u shall never be forgoten!!!..
we shall meet again.. but not yet.. not yet my bro.
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Post by n0t4sur3 »

JwPara- aka John, rest in peace. My condolences goes to his family and his friends...
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Post by Drkynes »

Rest in peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

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Post by pEndInG »

Rest In Peace jwpara. :cry:

Condolences to his family and to the people that knew him
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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

:cry: this is sad news indeed,
Rest in peace JW,
condolences to his family and to his friends

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Post by Wolfyx »

I never did get a chance to know him that good, but i did have a few moments when i had the honor to talk to such a great man..I`m truly sorry for what happened, it is painfull for all of us to hear that our beloved JwPara passed away..We can only rejoice that he is in a safe place, next to God and all the angels..watching over us..I pray that God will rest your soul in peace, and that you will watch over us from heaven. May God bless your family in this tragic moment and all your friends that gathered to be toghether in this sad moment..You will always be in our hearts John, may He keep you in his hand and rest your soul in peace :cry:
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Post by WhitePearl »

Rest in Peace and May GOD bless your soul jwpara...My condoleance for his fam. and all friends of Jwpara ...! :( May God be with him!

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Post by Spidel »

In Memory to JwPara he was a wonderful and a kind person God Bless him and may have rest in peace where he is right now (Heaven) May GOD take care him (R.I.P) Was a nice person
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Rest in peace. Condolences to his family and friends.


Post by dewd »

RIP John! i will rolling a joint dedicated for you!


Post by WKD »

:o ? It can`t be true . All happens to ready .