The Undernet tenth anniversary

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The Undernet tenth anniversary

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The Undernet Promotions Department is proud to announce the greatest event of the IRC, the 10th anniversary of the Undernet.
All the IRC community is invited to this great event where we will have luxury guests and know more about our beloved network, its beginning, its evolution and its current situation.
The event will be held on the 8th of Febuary 2003 (8pm GMT)
Our guests are people who do have a place of honour in the Undernet history of all times. These are the groups (nearly) :

* The Undernet Founding Members (the visionaries)
* Long Serving Administrators (they have put their knowledge and resources at the service of the network)
* Creators and current co-ordinators of the Undernet Channel Service Committee (Yes, Cservice will be present !!)
* Creators and current co-ordinators of the Undernet User Committee (formerly the Public Relations Committee)
* Creators and current contributors of the Undernet Coder Committee (our great code geeks will also be there)

We are currently gathering all the questions you may want to ask these people in a polished and tidy questionnaire, so we welcome feedback and will be looking forward to your questions in Don't hesitate to email us !!!

Finally, we strongly encourage all our chat community to assist to this great event.
Thank you

The Undernet Promotions Department