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Since lots of animals die, you might need some advice in taking care of your pet.

(For new users) First thing you have to do is register an user by clicking "Register". Fill in with your info, read the Forum's AUP and submit the form (make sure you chose English as Board language because it's the only language that supports Rabbistoshi game atm).

After you log into your forum user you can check the list with available animals and some statistics (including their price) by clicking "Rabbistoshi". You begin with 0 points/cash so you have to win in order to buy a pet. There are 2 ways to win:
* Posting on the forums
* Playing casino
Since the casino games require points/cash for playing, you really need to start posting. Each post brings you 2 points, then you'll be able to play casino too.

If you have enough points/cash (the pet's price + 1000 - recommended) feel free to click on "Rabbistoshi" again, tick the checkbox near your desired pet, give a name and buy the animal.

When you click "Rabbistoshi" again you see your pet's picture and some info about its "life" (Age, Health, Hunger, Thirst, Hygiene, Pet's thoughts, Alerts, etc). Next thing you should do (with the 1000 points you still have) is buying some food (check the animal's favorite food), some water and a cleaner from "Pets shop".

Now let's take a look around the owner's menu. At "See the pet owners list" you can check the list with the other user's animals. At "Preferences" you can edit some options for your pet. If you don't want your pet anymore you can sell it by clicking "Sell your pet". If your pet gets sick you have to bring a vet to heal it by clicking "Call the vet". If you know you'll be offline for a longer period you should put your pet into "Hotel". Some pets can evolve after a certain period of time, check "Evolution" to see if yours can evolve. And the last part, "Pets shop", gives you the option to buy/sell things for your pet.

When the "Hunger" encreases click on "Give food", when the "Thirst" encreases click on "Give water" and when the "Hygiene" bar gets more white that red click on "Clean the place".

Just to make an idea about your pet's needs i'll give the Rabbit as an example. It has 20 Hunger points and 20 Thirst points. Considering that in every 10 minutes 1 point is lifted your pet will be:
Hungry in 20*10/1=200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes)
Thirsty in 20*10/1=200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes).
These are the critical periods, but as i am sure you don't want your pet suffer, you'll take care of it sooner.

For more details, feel free to join #Rabbistoshi and ask about it.

Good luck,
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