New forum addons

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New forum addons

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Hiya All,

We have installed some additions to the Undernet Forum for all of you to enjoy, and hopefully to encourage you to use the Undernet Website and forums more often.

We now have a "Cyber Pet" installed called Rabbitoshi, a virtual pet which you can purchase in the forum and take care of its needs.
We also have a casino where you can play games such as slots, blackjack and other similar games.

The way these new features work are based on a points / cash system. The more active you are in the Undernet Forum, the more cash / points you gain and are able to spend this in the "Casino" or on your CyberPet.

I hope you enjoy the new features and please tell your friends online about our wonderful website :-)

Shaun Okeefe
Undernet User-Committee
Webmasters / Translators / Promotions