Undernet GNUWorld Live-Event

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Undernet GNUWorld Live-Event

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The Undernet User Committee is proud to present the next LiveEvent on Undernet with Isomer and other developers of the GNUWorld project.

GNUWorld is an IRC service capable of performing any and all tasks that IRC
operators/administrators may require. It is the base that modules such as
mod.cservice and mod.ccontrol use.

GNUWorld was originally created in 1997 by Orlando Bassotto (nextie). Major
contributions were made by Andrea Cocito (Nemesi). Currently, the head
developer for GNUWorld is Dan Karrels (ripper_).

Ever wondered what GNUWorld is? Curious what GNUWorld stands for? Curious
why it was created? Join #liveevents on April 24th at 8pm GMT and find out!