Another bug?

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Another bug?

Post by Revival »

[11:31:58] * Now talking in #*****
[11:33:58] <AlwaysGooD> G'mornis :}
[11:52:18] -> *x* join #*****
[11:52:18] * X sets mode: -o AlwaysGooD
[11:52:18] * X ( has joined #******
[11:52:18] * X changes topic to 'Türkçe Yardım Kanalına Hoşgeldiniz'
[11:52:30] <AlwaysGooD> What the **** you're doin?
[11:52:41] * * sets mode: +o X
[11:52:41] * X sets mode: +tnkl **** 4
[11:52:46] -> *x* op #****
[11:52:46] * X sets mode: +o AlwaysGooD
* Retrieving #***** modes...
[11:52:51] * AlwaysGooD sets mode: -lk ****

Wonders.. How can X deop me before join? And why deops me ? (Im an 499)

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Post by fakecar »

wow! Thanks!

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Post by gastly »

whoa lol, that's strange, sometimes X just loses it eh? lol
Maybe its a bug...maybe far as I know, servers were being updated, this could have caused X to behave in a strange way. It happens rarely tho...can't blame poor X for it hehehe it does its job perfectly (except sometimes, like these) :)

Cya :)

- gastly

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Post by sirAndrew »

Dunno why X deopped you but i know why it set the other modes lol.

As far as i know X is not capable of performing modes/actions if not in the channel.
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Post by mwx »

Modes for channel can be stored at x /msg x set #channel mode , so maybe someone else stored them before that person joined.

" MODE - This will save the current channel modes as default.
- When X joins the channel, it will reset those modes if it is alone in the channel. "

Still should seen that person in channel, but probably was lagged, who knows...
Regards, Lomax.

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Post by Spidel »

This is an old thread and in my oppinion it should be locked or deleted.

Most likely it could be a server desynch between undernet servers and X server. However that's typical X's behavior when modes are saved for a channel.
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