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#CService mode +p

Post by xplora »


I've added channel mode +p to #CService for people not in #CService, for the following reasons:

1. It makes it easier to identify someone trying to pretend to be someone from #CService, if their /whois says they are @#cservice, and you are not in #cservice, then they have faked their /whois somehow, and are not really an op of #CService (+p blocks the channel appearing in /whois)

2. It forces you to join the channel to find out who is in it (since /names wont work if you are not in the channel, although most people tend to be +i so you'd have to join anyway ;)

3. unlike +s, you can still use /topic #CService from outside the channel to see the topic, (if say you wanted to know if channel registrations were closed temporarily ;)

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Post by Revival »


Agree, it seems to be appreciated.
This idea will stop a few problems. here is a simple example: Those who dont like you, do a /whois to you and attack the channels you are in or swear. And many people dont know that cservice is a help channel which is open to everyone, through our whois, they think we are the authorized there. I've felt this so many times before and +p will stop such needless things admirably.

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Post by Qxygen »

Congrats on the change, it's a change for the better we hope. :) . I must say that that fake @ in cservice will still go on from what I know as many join @#cservice@#anotherchannel or I've seen it done like @#(CTRL+B CTRL+B)cservice.. I really don't know how they do it. Anyway I hope I'm wrong and the abuse will stop. I think that the change is a great thing congrats once again ..

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Post by zoltrexx »

Good work! 8)
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Post by toolz »

Big change in #CService, some say it's not good some say it's a great thing, at least everyone can see that CService people work hard to offer the best, thats the point :)

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Post by hiena »

Its good to know that CService its with us and UnderNet its not "dead". Have a nice day

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Post by Wolfyx »

We're never dead, occasionally we take a little nap ..ok, maybe not just occasionally, but we're never dead k? Image
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Post by Spidel »

P.S : but we got death on the team, if you're intersted of becoming a dead man, just let us know. we can work it out on that ;) you bet.
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Post by xplo »

i call shotgun :p
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