Congratulations to xplora for promotion!

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Congratulations to xplora for promotion!

Post by Eenie »

Congratulations, xplora, for your promotion to CService Co-ordinator position!

Being an active moderator on this forum keeps you in touch with the users' issues. This is a good thing.

Best wishes to you in your new position.

Eenie ;-)
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Post by sirAndrew »

Congrats xplora. You deserve it. You have been one of the most active CSC staff members in the past years both on the forums and most importantly on IRC. You are in touch with the users` needs and demands and a fair and honest person. Once again i say: YOU DESERVE IT! I`m sure you will do a great job.

Keep it up.

sirAndrew @

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Post by xplora »

xplora @
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Post by Spidel »

he actually smiled!! congratulations :P

P.S : Don't purge me. :roll:
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Post by Qxygen »

Congrats sir, I've seen this comming for a long time now :P

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Post by xplora »

/me purges Spidel :P
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Post by toolz »

Congratulations :)

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Post by SuperDude »

Congratulations Xplora!!!!

You deserve it and I know you will do an awesome job :)

Good Luck and stay awesome :)


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Post by xplo »

i know im kinda late to post thi but its never too late to Congrats someone :) is it ?!?

Nice work xplora dont give up *G* :glasses:
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Post by AceV »

/me think the time doesnt metter for that..
C O N G R A T S from me too , wakco wacko :) and dont purges users here *G* :) :lol: :-? :oops:
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Post by YounGun »

A little late, but congratulations xplora!

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Post by Ghostyz »

xplora youre doing a great job as coordinator. i was wondering... what is the job of a cs coord? :)

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Post by JulieM »

sorry for delay but somebody want to say that ... look <@X> Well xplora never say never... P.S. congratulation and Please don`t PLay with me on public channels and don`t make me to speak on public channels to :-" :cry: :whatsthat:

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Post by ^5 »

ok ok, but a party?:) :devil:

PLz plz plz :PPP

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Post by dontuta »

Congrats xplora. Give me 1 ice creeam :D Good luck on the future! You have served so many years and will serve us for many years now because you love undernet as others like us, we love you continued with success your work here.
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