#CService basic user guidelines

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#CService basic user guidelines

Post by xplora »

Please ask your questions in the channel only, /msg'ing anyone will only get this same response.

Please get to your point quickly, asking if you can ask (ie "help?") doesn't get you helped any faster, and will often go ignored.

Please use 1 (long if necessary) line to place your question, pasting, and things like:
<nick> I
<nick> need
<nick> help?
Will only get you kicked as a flooder.

Please refrain from enhancing the look of your text (no bold, no underlines, no colours... etc), as this can make it harder to read your question and can be very distracting to others also needing help.

Please do not come in expecting to represent others for ANY reason, we can only help the actual person affected, not their representative. ie:
  • - Language, if there is no op in #CService that can speak it, they can email cservice@undernet.org or wait until an op arrives that can speak it.
    - Can't join due to username problems, they should join #usernames instead
Please do not expect bans to be removed by anyone other than the following people... The person that set it, X, or the #CService Channel Manager.

#CService makes full use of the 2400 hour ban limit, be warned.

#CService staff discourage the use of popups, as this often leads to incorrect answers given, and clearly does not allow the personal touch.

Please avoid repeating your question, unless asked, this can often also lead to being kicked for flooding. Repeating a question 30 minutes, an hours, 2 hours, a day.. or more later when you have clearly been given an answer will also get noticed as someone that is refusing to accept the help already given, and only results in being banned as an annoyance.
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Post by Etherfast »

Common sense and [url=http://www.albion.com/netiquette]Nettiquette[/url] apply. Therefore don't be rude with people inside, even if you don't get the answer that you wanted to hear.

Please remember #CService consists in volunteers, so don't demand anything. Politely ask instead.

As an adition to the Netiquette, it's impolite to leave your parked client (or bouncer) in the channel when you're away, and it's impolite to change a few sets of nicknames on a short period.