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Help me

Post by cloretz »

Anyone could help me registering my channel...
its now on traffic but most of those who join doesnt have usernames
..i like to register it badly for proper channel managing...
my channel at undernet ---> #COF
..its a trivia channel...

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Post by Etherfast »

Good morning,

Your application got rejected because you used more than one username.
Undernet allows you to use a single username, and we're expecting you to follow that rule.

Someone else may apply for that channel, but you can't apply for any channel until the beginning of the next month.

For any questions, see #usernames

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Post by cloretz »

sory for posting my request twice....

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Post by inqorulz »

I have one problem and i hope that here ill find the real answer .I`v got one channel and some peoples stole the channel from me. I dont know that undernet provide chanfix yet.But now i cant back my channel
1.It it long time in his hands and they peoples securing that channel with 4-5 BOT`s.
2.It is Noreg channel a long time.
3.They peoples still stole other channels they have `hack group` :D
Is anyone could help me here ?
Tnx anyway

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Post by xplora »

Sorry, as your channel is noreg'ed and we can only help registered channels I can only suggest you try asking in #zt or #nastrand for help.
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