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About #Cservice (not #UsernameS)

Post by Revival »


Someone neutral person of the #Cservice read what`s happened and told me Its right or not fair! I know nobody dare that Only told me respect ban expire but I already respect problem is not Ban expire i want to understand How can it to be where is Cservice`s rules and Who can told him Stop! its not fair or something. If hes Senior admin then hes always right but its not about personal or about one chat channel its #Cservice and I know nobody can be banned to people for personal problems

guven continually asking for trouble and i just ignored him and i told him to #cservice please stop him but im banned after 2-3 hrs hes friend of the bobskc.i have no friend as bobskc Senior admin but trust me,I dont need some official`s friendly for protect to me.I know all rules there no need to be friend with official admins just helping

guven isn`t cservice`s personn and he can not said me what can i do or what can i do not.. but he msgs me everyday and says: You can not remove Bobskc than #cservice.Its very confusion how can i remove a senior admin how can to be such stupid a question.I now understand what is happening guven want to talk with me about Bobskc but i didnt give him bad things about bobskc he want to arque and its enough for guven he is Key logger..bu i have no bad thing about bobskc or others..

People can not ban to someone for personal problems or using some admin`s mission for trample him its not cservice`s purpose
I told them to bobskc yesterday and he said me set /ignore.. But i can not explain that i won`t talk with guven i won`t listen his threats,orders and i won`t going to argue with him why he msg me everyday with using Bobskc`s name

Why Bobskc didnt said to guven dont msg him..dont argue with him (me)why Only told me LEAVE guven alone dont complaint him to official.. its to be unbelievable if he continue msg me then i will ask it on the cservice : please dont threating\msg me
and its not to be reason banned to me from cservice

Guven will be personn of the Bobskc but Im not personn of the nobody.. Im volunteered helper of the cservice and i dont want to be friend with official admins for protect myself from others its very bad thing

<Rusteaux> why leaving?
<Rusteaux> who is guven?
<Rusteaux> not a helper? has it been banned etc?
<RevivaL> guven is asskissker
<RevivaL> And 2 days ago he msg me again i just say on the #cservice : please stop threating\msg me
<Rusteaux> but is ugven an 'official;?
<RevivaL> and im banned after 2 hrs from #cservice
<RevivaL> its out of the rules
<RevivaL> guven isn`t official or cservice`s personn
<RevivaL> He can not threating me boring me everyday
<Rusteaux> who banned you?
<Rusteaux> he doesn't know you right? just irc?
<RevivaL> Bobskc banned me because i did says on the #cservice please stop threating and msg me to guven
<Rusteaux> sec
<RevivaL> guven now on the #zurna ilithya`s channel and they are friend and boring me everyday but its not cservice`s problem how can he banned me from cservice about that stupid problems
<RevivaL> I just ask yesterday to bobskc why banned me ? its not fair.. he says: leave guven alone? omg! why he do not stop msg me why he threating me using bobskc`s name
<Rusteaux> just a sec
<RevivaL> okay
<Rusteaux> bobs is out prob getting a cig
<Rusteaux> i've seen you helping.. let me check with bobs when he gets back. my guess is he was trying to let it calm down a bit

And BobskC msged me

Session Start: Sun Oct 01 02:04:16 2006
Session Ident: BobsKC
Session Ident: BobsKC (~bobskc@BobsKC.users.undernet.org)
<BobsKC> I set the ban for 3 days. If you harass any more admins about it, I'll make it permanent!
<RevivaL> Its not harass we already talking always
<BobsKC> I won't repeat what I just told you!
<RevivaL> If guven talk with you about his problem and banned me then i will talk with rusteaux for its not fair?
<BobsKC> Rusteau is my friend and he works for me. You won't get any help there.
<RevivaL> You mean guven can be if what he want?
<RevivaL> But its not guven`s playground channel
<BobsKC> guven has done nothing wrong
<RevivaL> Its cservice dear bobskc not chat channel
<RevivaL> If something wrong then he will ignore me as you told me?
<BobsKC> You told me you would accept the ban for 3 days. I warn you for the last time to accept it or I will make it permanent.
<RevivaL> I dont want to talk about ban expire i want to talk its not fair he will threating me and i can not call to him on #cservice please stop threating\msg me
<BobsKC> Fine.. I will talk to Xp about keeping you off #cs for good!
<RevivaL> Why you didnt ask problem`s fountain and solved that
<BobsKC> We are finished here and you are finished on #cservice!
<RevivaL> You dont know cservice`s rules? you dont invite me for #cservice and i dont work for you or some admins Only help to people and cservice`s officials allowed to me for that
<BobsKC> You will be off #cservice
<BobsKC> That is sure
<RevivaL> Who is guven coming my pvt and says: you know what can i do .. you know.. wait!! wait!! i know what can i do
<RevivaL> Its threat
<RevivaL> And i won`t listen him !
<BobsKC> guven has NOT msg'd you
<BobsKC> you are a liar!
<RevivaL> I have all logs
<BobsKC> hello your logs
<RevivaL> But you didnt want to listen me
<BobsKC> you make logs and lie
<RevivaL> lol
<RevivaL> We talking on the channel with ilithya guven and me
<BobsKC> You are a fool Revival.. making me your enemy was a bad mistake
<RevivaL> how can you tell me you make logs
<BobsKC> guven is 100X the help to CS than you are and he has 1000X the trust from me than you have
<RevivaL> will you help us with solved that problem as a father or one older
<RevivaL> Guven showing the own dreams to you
<BobsKC> There is no problem except you are insane with jealousy

I have been watching and providing help in Cservice for almost 3 years and learnt english in the channel as well eventhough it is not so well
and i both trying to improve and help those people who are seekig for help
I have never met any person who has threaten me in a channel and i think its quite ridiculuos and a person in the channel tells me that i can not be able to get Bobskc removed in the channel, moreover tellming me that i can not be a helper in the channel
that person can not stand me improving myself and helping people. He just does everything thing to get me out of channel such as taking logs and all that
He told me that he warned the managers of #35+ and #istanbul due to some reasons and thinks that he also has got reasons to get #zurna purged
I do not trust the manager of Zurna who is ilithya coz she is not a honest person and her brother has got about 15 different usernames
Her brothers name is Ozcan and he just does not care about my warnings
That person who has threaten me thinks that even cavalry will not be able to support my opinion. I personally believe that i have not done anything wrong.
in his last message he repeated the same things again and i was really upset about it... I straighyaway sent a message to the channel and said that stop threatening me...
after 2 hourd i have been banned x through Bobskc decision and i asked him to find out the reason
he told me to leave " Guven " alone and not to disturb in anymore.
He does not even have a clue about the issue and banned me straightaway, he said that "Guven" is his trustful interpreter in the channel and furthermore a helper in bobskc's channel
Im not a helper of anyone.. I am a volunteer and doing that for being helpful and to also make friendships with administrators.I am not trying to mess around or anything because i have got an ambitious within me and i want to achieve that by myself
If im not wrong this issue is not a problem of Cservice, In addition to that Guven is not a cservice personal or a helper there.
If they can really prove that Im wrong then Im willing to have my punishment and they can report me to the admins. If they have really got an evidence to prove that then i will no longer join to the channel.
Sometimes, i provide help until morning and trying my best.. However some people just gets into some people's mind and makes them believe what they say
Cservice is not his personal channel or anything and he has not got the right to ban me without a reason..
Sometimes we may have different opinions which is normal, it does not always have to match the same
but i have never seen anything such bad before banning me for pointless things.
What bobskc did is out of the regulations of Cservice. i will be grateful if you could deal with that situation at your earlist convenince please.(I already mailed cservice-abuse@ but i dont think they will solved that as hes Senior admin)

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Post by Etherfast »

Now, did I, or did I not tell you to leave things as they were and wait for the ban to expire?
Like he said, making Bob your enemy was a bad move.

I do believe xplora will interfere in this post for further explaining.
Take care.

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Post by zapp »

Making this issue public on the forum won`t solve anything as you already know our policy towards bans, you should already know that messing with a senior`s patience is a NO NO, and also that mailing cservice-abuse about it is useless.
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Post by Revival »


cservice-abuse@ To report instances of CService related abuse involving registered channels, only.
(flooding/clones/massinvites/takeovers, by authed ops, etc).
Must include date/time/whois information, on the user in question,
and access information, showing that the user is logged in at the time of the abuse.
Also to report abuse by CService personnel.

I didn`t ask make action for bobskc just wanted correcting but please read above pls whats happened and said me : yes guven is cservice`s personn and you can not call to him on #cservice stop threating\msg me..
Then i believe its my fault
That problem going slowly to racism as guven is personn of the Bobskc and all admins working for Bobskc!! im just user and alone!
Or tell me please where is volunteer policy? we are who?
from where you are coming the here ? from volunteer?
and now you following that as movie
There have 2 kind people.. 1. Only volunteer and alone 2. fashion models helper
as they suppose here is fashion mode`s agency and need the sponsor of the some admin..
I can said again, I have no fault and i didnt talk with cservice personn about guven before i get banned.. and guven can not show a fault to cservice about me but i will show you what is happened with original logs but who is wanna listen one of the cservice people?
I know xplora run #cservice and im waiting for his decision ok thanx for your comments

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Post by Spidel »

1. if i were you, i'd be quiet and i wouldn't comment about anything 2. arguging with officials is way to wrong 3. i'd have patience till the ban will expire whether it was a fair ban or not, and for your information (FYI) more precisly we don't ban for non-reasons, each ban has a reason and a purpose for itself, read carefully the reason and you'll know why you've been banned there and not starting to create a chaos over this by posting on undernet forums about how you've been banned etc, meaning you've should been quiet and seeing your own business. That's all i can tell you more or less than that, i can't.

Also far as i recall on that time ive asked you kindly you to be quiet on Cservice because it wasn't nor it's now a fightground i also told you to ignore that individual if he's bugging you, you should've been doing what you've been asked to do on that time, but you continued and now you support the consquences.

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Post by Revival »

Session Start: Thu Sep 28 20:39:48 2006
Session Ident: guven
Session Ident: guven (~Nil@NewYork.users.undernet.org)
<guven> Burnumu büyük iþlere sokuyorum öylemi? ben kim oluyorum.. Doðru diyosun, çok haklýsýn sen, lamer benim sen deðilsin..
<guven> lamer benimki insanlarý adam yerine koyup muhattaba alýyorum, insana insan gibi deðer veriyorum, irc için kiþiliðimi satmýyorum.. ama revival bundan sonra yapabilecðin en büyük kötülüðü elinden geleni ardýna koyma ve sildir beni ok? beklicem.. inþallah amacýna ulaþýrsýn, bak al log, sildir beni gönder adminlere
<guven> Sana Biþiy Söylicem Ben.. Sen ne kadar yüzsüz bir insansýn ? Key logger misin da her yazýlaný saklayýp ortalýðý gaza getiriyosun.. Sürekli arkadamdan Konuþmandan maksatýn ne? Sen benim muhattabýmmýsýn ? Senle ben muhattab olmak istemiyorum olm.. Arkamdan ne diye konuþuyorsun.. #usernames e giricen mi sanýyorsun? Bob u sildidrerek öylemi?
<guven> Bundan sonra göreceksin.. Sustum seni adam yerine koydum ama göreceksin..
<AlwaysGooD> 1. Insanlari tehdit edip bob un ismini kullanip artistlik yapma
<AlwaysGooD> 2. ben senýn hakkýnda kýmseyle konusmadým
<guven> Kime kullandým?
<AlwaysGooD> 3. gýdýpde aptal aptal seyler anlatýpda bený deýl kendýný rencýde edýyorsun
<guven> Beni tanýyan tanýr ben sen deðilim.. iki yüzlü adi insan deðilim
<guven> AlwaysGooD, yalan konuþma ne mal olduðunu her gün daha iyi öðreniyorum sen dert etme
<AlwaysGooD> Konusmalarýna dýkkat et seviyeni bil
<guven> Ben salak deðilim görüyorum
<guven> AlwaysGooD, ne yapýcaksýn?
<guven> Hangi admine yollican loglarý bu loglarý?
<guven> cavalry ye mi?
<guven> yolla iþte..
<AlwaysGooD> Senýn ne kadar þerefsiz karaktersýz bý ýnsan oldugun sýmdý bellý oldu gýdýp beným hakkýmda ýler ýgerý konusup fýtne fesat cýkartýyorsun
<guven> Her yazdýðýmý hani yolluyor ortalýðý gaza getiriyosun ya.. Yap gönder bir admine hemen þimdi
<AlwaysGooD> Guven boba guvenerekmý bu kadar havalara gýrýyorsun?
<guven> Sen bu kadar salak adamsýn iþte
<AlwaysGooD> O sana sadece guvendýgý ýcýn sený dýnlýyor bunun altýna sýgýnýpda kendýný bý bok sanma
<guven> Sana birkaç þey gösterirdim o zaman yüzün kalmazdý ama neyse
<guven> Sen bu yaptýklarýný anlarsýn ilerde sonra gidip millete deme kim gösterdi bu " salaða " diye ok?
<AlwaysGooD> Sende yüz olsa zaten hala gelýp bana masg atmazsýnya ýste yuzsuzsun ak
<guven> Git sor ona Bakalým ben ona mu güveniyorum?
<guven> Git sor ona?
<guven> öylemi dersin?
<guven> Ama ben senin kime ne yazdýðýný görebiliyorum ama..?
<AlwaysGooD> Neyse ben sessýzlýgýmý koruyacam kusurabakma :}
<guven> guven silinecektide Bob u sildiricektimde vs..
<AlwaysGooD> Yanlýs dusuncelerdesýn bunu býl
<guven> darklan felan
<AlwaysGooD> Ben oyle býsý solemedým bak gotunden uydurma
<guven> Bende var senin tüm loglarýn bu dur adilik
<AlwaysGooD> Lan ahmak
<AlwaysGooD> Ben kýmýmký bobu sýldýrcem
<AlwaysGooD> Bole aptal aptal seylerý nerden uyduruyosun ya
<guven> AlwaysGooD, Allahýnda Bul ve sakýn bir daha benle muhattab olma sakýn
<guven> arkadaþlarýnla beni sildirmek için
<guven> Elinden geleni artýna koyma tamam.. sakýn ama.. sildir beni beklicem
<AlwaysGooD> Bu kdr basýt olamaz bý ýnsan
<AlwaysGooD> Yazýk a.k o adamýda bole mal mal konulara alet edýyosun
<AlwaysGooD> Gýt ýsýne gucune bak
Session Close: Thu Sep 28 23:59:18 2006


This person is always interfering turkish people's problem and threating others such as purging their channel, suspening usernames, therefore many people
are scared of him. Many people requested me about him and i told them to not to worry about anything because he is not an official helper in the channel.
He found out that i told others to not to worry about him.. He sent me a private message and went like " Do you know who I am ? " he said that i will be
punished. I just wanted him to stop it and noticed that in the channel. I thought that some people could be able to deal with him and i would be in peace.
He was keep using the name of Bobskc to threaten me. Bobskc is not aware of the situtation at all. He wanted to defense his helper of his channel and to
also prove his helper's power to me. I ended up with being banned for 13 days, this is really too childish.. What is the actual reason of ban?? If it is
due to " Guven " then i will definitely have to defense myself and my rights too. If i initially translated the logs between me and Guven to English and
sent it to an official helper, then he would not be able to join that channel again but i did not attempt to do that because i did not want to seem like a
person who is messing around until i have been banned by Bobskc. Since then, i assume that the reason of ban is still " Do not complain about Guven to Bobskc "
This is what exactly the reason of the ban at the moment and i have to defense myself and make everything clear for admins to make the decision.

You can find the conversation between me and Guven as it is stated below in English. The origin of the conversation is above in Turkish and
I will translate them exactly the same way as it is above.

Session Start: Thu Sep 28 20:39:48 2006
Session Ident: guven
Session Ident: guven (~Nil@NewYork.users.undernet.org)
<guven> You think i always interfere people's work.. Im not really anything.. You are right.. The real lamer is me, not you...
<guven> I must be the lamer person because i respect people and talk to them as humanbeings. I am not degrading my image that low just for irc.. From now on, you should behave in such a bad way to me, do everything u can do and get me removed alright? I hope you can achieve your goal. This is the log and send it to the admins to get me removed.
<guven> Let me tell you something.. How faceless person you are? Are you a key logger that saving everything to publish around. What really your purpose is and keep talking behind me? Are you a right enough person to have some word with me? I can not be bothered talking to you. Do you think you will be able to join back to #usernames by gettin Bobskc removed?
<AlwaysGooD> 1. Do not threaten others and use Bobskc's name to increase your image.
<AlwaysGooD> 2. I have never had a word with anyone about you before.
<guven> Whom did i use his name for?
<AlwaysGooD> 3. Keep saying ridiculous things, in fact you are letting yourself down, not mine...
<guven> People who know me you can ask to, I am not you and a faceless person.
<guven> AlwaysGooD, stop lying. Each day i find out more about your bad character.
<AlwaysGooD> Watch out your words do not exceed the line.
<guven> I am not a stupid person i can see it.
<guven> AlwaysGooD, what if i dont?
<guven> Which admin will you send those logs to?
<guven> Is it Cavalry?
<guven> Send it then.
<AlwaysGooD> I know what exactly you and your bad character. You have been telling other stupid things about me and make me seem like a person who is messing around.
<guven> You always send my logs to Admins to persuade them to keep me away. Come on send it again now.
<AlwaysGooD> guven what makes you be so proud of your self is it Bobskc?
<guven> You are really a stupid person.
<AlwaysGooD> He is fine and agress with you because he trusts you but do not take an advantage of him to increase your image.
<guven> I could have showed you few things but you would be ashamed of yourself afterwards.
<guven> You will be aware of the things in the near future that you have done but afterwards do not go like who showed it to this "Stupid" person. ok ?
<AlwaysGooD> What a faceless person you are and still sending me message.
<guven> Just ask him if i really take an advantage of him?
<guven> Just ask him?
<guven> You think so?
<guven> But i can see the conversation you are having with others.
<AlwaysGooD> Excuse me but i ll keep my silent. Do not mind me. :}
<guven> guven was going to be removed either Bobskc... etc
<AlwaysGooD> Keep in mind but you are in the wrong thoughts.
<guven> darklan as well.
<AlwaysGooD> Stop making up your own words.
<guven> This what real being faceless is. I've got every single of your logs.
<AlwaysGooD> Hey Dude.
<AlwaysGooD> How can i get him romoved?
<AlwaysGooD> How can you make up so stupid sentences?
<guven> AlwaysGooD, I ll leave you to the god and do not ever talk to me again.
<guven> with your friends to get me removed.
<guven> Try your best, never give up...ever....i will be waiting, get me removed.
<AlwaysGooD> I cant believe you being so useless.
<AlwaysGooD> Do not involve him into your personal issues.
<AlwaysGooD> Deal with your own work...
Session Close: Thu Sep 28 23:59:18 2006

This is what the issue is all about and i have never complained about him before. The last decision is yours and i just wanted to make things clear here.
Looking forward to hear from you soon at your earlist convenience.

King Regards,

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Post by Spidel »

Seriously, you are going nowhere, showing what you've spoke or IF you really spoke with that individual in here. you should really wait till the ban will expire which has been setted on your hostmask instead of creating whatso called 'war'.
"A wise man writes down what he thinks, a stupid man forgets what he thinks, a complete idiot punishes himself for what he thinks."

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Something i've learned waaaaaaay back. NEVER argue with an admin or senior..it doesn't matter if you're right or not, they are your boss' they make the rules, they controle your fate in #cservice. Well, that was what you WERE supposed to do, but now, i don't honestly see a way out of this for you, especially because you lost your sence of discretion by pasting those logs.
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Post by guvenn »

Hello everyone..

This is my first and last message about this subject. Becouse that person want to get me removed from #usernames with saying something about me. I want to proof something here, Becouse lie will not resolve anything..

1) I'm a helper on #usernames I'm from Turkey and BobsKC from USA , I'm talking BobsKC (sometimes) becouse he is UserNaMeS Team Leader and I'm working in his team. But He does NOT tolerate me, He is equal to everyone.. During the help He warned me many times, as like Do this ... this .... this and Do Not this .... this.. these.. If he tolerate me why he is warning me? I'm a Turk helper, Why I joined #usernames? When they need an help about Turkish lang problems I will help them, not only for Bob, for my all admin/helpers.
I translatec somethings about Usernames issues and I'm working in #usernames It does not mean BobsKC is tolerating me. If I work in there, I must help all admin/helpers about Turkish events and Most of the Usernames Team helpers/admins joins #CService too. Some of them knows me, If I do any abuse/harassing/lying They can warn me too.. But I'm just doing my job in there and I didnt hear any complain or bad thing about me yet. Already If I do any abuse or harassment They can remove me, I have respect to all decision, but as I told I'm NOT doing anything bad in here. I don't harass my officials, I dont want to get removed anyone. I'm always try to being kind on all person (not only for admins or helper) For everyone.. Admins, Helpers, Guests, Helpless peoples...

2) He sent some logs these are not his ban reason.. He didnt sent why he has been banned. He just want to announce bad things about BobsKC and me to everyone with using Undernet Forums, I think It's not a good way.. He says He ignored me, But It doesn't seems he Ignored me, Let me to show you somethings... It's not faked and Spidel or kn can verify this part of log is true.


<AlwaysGooD> Could anyone please warn guven about not msg\threating me, i had enough of him!
* All^ has left #cservice
<guven> AlwaysGooD, are you sure?
-aLaRmZoNe- leave him . he is idiot trust me .
<Spidel> AlwaysGooD guven, be quiet, this is not a fightground, got any fights, do it privately or ignore eachother reciprocal
<guven> I already did
<AlwaysGooD> he msg me from here! and threating me please warn him ,hes ignored already,thanx
<Spidel> AlwaysGooD guven, i aint gonna tell you both again to be quiet.
<Spidel> consider it the first and the last warning
<guven> AlwaysGooD, another lie?
* AnonymuSS has left #cservice
<guven> Do you want to banned me from #cservice ?
<kkknnn> al3xno1, do you need help?
<kkknnn> I meant AlwaysGooD
<AlwaysGooD> kkknnn yes i did explain that thanx anyway
<kkknnn> AlwaysGooD, ok now, remain quiet
<AlwaysGooD> ok


My comment is he said ** <AlwaysGooD> Could anyone please warn guven about not msg\threating me, i had enough of him! ** that sentences for get me banned on #cservice , but he said I ignored him and maybe I talked with him on private but I have NEVER said anything about him on #CService ..

I copied that logs on(to) form, Becouse that event happened on channel (#cservice) More people saw this dialogue, I didnt sent or sending anything which happens In my private.. Private should be SPECIAL not Global, But he just sent private messages to everyone. I think it's useless and Copying private message to each other or announcing , means/show his main purpose I think. It's not fairy behaviour. and He says I'm helping in #cservice I think he dont know that channels rule very well too before the helping, He should ignore if a person message him in private (I already didnt harassed him) but He choose the write it on #cservice , I want to think about why he did it? I'm always glad from my all admins and helper, In #Usernames we are good team and I'm happy in there, I want to help there As long as they allow me, They are all friendly peoples.. I have no problem with my admins/official helpers. and I hope any problem will NEVER happen in our friendly team..

Thanks.. with respectfully .. guven

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Post by xplora »

I'm sorry Revival, but I first support any ban's set by CService staff. That aside, your own logs in this post only help to show me that BobsKC did the right thing. By the end of the months I will post here a public version of the #CService channel guidelines.

There is already a basic version we give to new people wishing to help in #CService, what I will attempt to post will have more information, especially for everying in general, instead of just for people wanting to help.
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Post by Revival »

Okay,i respect your decision xplora alright.