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chanel registration

Post by cirak »

i need i really help to register i chanel when i open the undernet web site at the scren it not apear the form to register i chanel so please help me beacuse i canot stand anymore the indivudals ho do flood at the chanel thanks the chanel name its #nerezi

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Post by Spidel »

well you could join #CService and ask directly help online ;) however, this is undernet website more precisly undernet forums, you may get help in here as well, if you want to apply for a channel, your username has to be older than 10 days, if it's older than 10 days, you may apply for it, by going at auth yourself with your username account and then click on Register A Channel - Read carefully the our AUP document - and post the application, by the way you must use 10 valid usernames (supporters) in order to apply for your channel, make sure they're different persons and they're using ONLY ONE username on UnderNet.

-In case you don't have Register A Channel link, on your username please seek for assistance in #UserNameS and you'll be helped in there with your issue.

Good luck.
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Post by xplora »

Please note:

The 10 usernames can not be yours, they have to be 10 other people.
The 10 other people have to be people that join your channel regularly.
The 10 regulars must be people that join your channel on a regular basis.
Seeing them join regularly is the only way to identify regulars (they can't tell you they will, because until they actually join regularly, they are not regulars)
Regularly is once a day, or few days, at most once a week.
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Post by TPAMBAJ »

oups..,probably i am out of topic ..but i have too escuse for my note..i really did`nt read on there application..for # nerezi..and by accident or my stupidity i live an objection..i was thinking to l;ive some support note...bad ..i feel shame for this...
any way i escuse now .good luck #nerezi .so long

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Post by Etherfast »

As I took a look at the objections for that channel, they won't do nothing more than delay the final decision with a few days.
It could have been accepted automatically, now it will have to be reviewed.