Undernet Volunteer org .. for profit or not for profit ?

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Undernet Volunteer org .. for profit or not for profit ?

Post by Chintoo »

<Chintoo> salam
<ShahzaiB> wsalam
<Chintoo> how are u
<ShahzaiB> theek
<Chintoo> bhai op honay kay liye kia karna parayga
<ShahzaiB> bhai idhar koye bhi directly op nahi banta
<Chintoo> to phir kia karna parta hai.
<ShahzaiB> bhai paisay lagtay hain op ban nay kay
<Chintoo> kitnay ?
<ShahzaiB> 500 ka jazz ka card
<Chintoo> mein karachi mein nahi . :S
<ShahzaiB> to phir send it to account Metropolition bank..
<Chintoo> kitnay dainay paraingay. aur kia milayga badlay mein
<ShahzaiB> kahan rehtay ho tum?
<Chintoo> UK
<ShahzaiB> 100 pound bhej do westren union say meray address per
<ShahzaiB> 10th street Room no 11 bagasra sq Bufferzone
<Chintoo> lekin kia kia milayga mujhay
<ShahzaiB> aik cservice ki id 100 access kay saath special package hai yeh
<Chintoo> Cservice kia hai?
<ShahzaiB> yeh undernet ki service hai op ki .
<Chintoo> achan to is ki id paisay say banti hai ?
<ShahzaiB> haan channel walay daitay hain
<Chintoo> achan to unhain paisay kaisay daitay ho tum
<ShahzaiB> by mail
<Chintoo> aww theek hai
<Chintoo> mein tumhain western union say send kar donga
<Chintoo> undernet ki koye website hai
<ShahzaiB> haan http://www.undernet.org
<Chintoo> yaar tum log paisay time per hi bhejtay ho ?
<ShahzaiB> jab nahi bhejtay to undernet kay server waloon ko ban kardaitay hain
<ShahzaiB> -X- #karachi *!*@*mesa.az.us.undernet.org Level: 450
<ShahzaiB> -X- ADDED BY: ShahzaiB (Flooder)
<Chintoo> chalo sahi hai mein dekhta hoon in ki website


That was the original chat between me and the guy named ShahzaiB

me -> salam # holy phrase to start talking
him -> wsalam # was salam reply of it
me -> how are u
him -> theek -> fine
me -> i wanted to become op what should i do
him -> no one get op directly over here
me -> so how to become an op
him -> you need to pay for it
me -> how much
him -> a jazz card worth 500 -> jazz= telecom company of pakistan 500 card = calling card for cellular phone
me-> i dont live in karachi
him -> then send it to my metropolition bank account
me-> how much i have to pay
him -> where do u live
me -> uk
him -> send 100 pounds from westren union to my home
him -> he typed his address
me -> but what would i get by paying
him -> one id of cservice 100 acceess this is special package
me -> what's cservice
him -> its undernet service for operators
me -> so i need to pay to you for me to get there id?
him -> yes the channel admin send them money
me -> so how u send them money
him -> by mail
me -> awrite
me -> i ill western union u the amount
me -> is there any web of undernet
him -> yes http://www.undernet.org
me -> what happened if u dont pay them on time ?
him -> we just ban them for couple of days until we send them money
him -> -X- #karachi *!*@*mesa.az.us.undernet.org Level: 450
him -> -X- ADDED BY: ShahzaiB (Flooder)
me -> ok i will see the web

well i am not that regular on mirc but i wanted to get an @ so one of my friend told me to contact that guy and the chat regarding me and him is there but when i visited ur web i found that you guys claim that you are volunteer group of ppl then why do u get money from these channel owner for registering a channel this is the only forum where i can register directly o/w on the live site it requires isp mail .. i dont know what is isp but i think the channel i wanted to join in is my isp..? isn't it well but i am still confused about undernet and the things that guy had told me.. if i paid him does undernet take responsibility that i will be opped what if he ban u guys out and dont gave me op.. please clear my doubts

waiting for your response

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Post by Zaib »

Nice try who ever who ur nice try i always reply of salam like this Walikum-Assalam Wa Rehmat Ullah Wa Bara Kato Ho ! got it. Guys u can check all chat are wrote by one guy :) address is totaly fake and chat too......

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Post by xplora »

While I believe the entire log is fake, I will point out these few issues...

ShahzaiB has no known connection with Undernet aside from being just another user.
Undernet is 100% volunteered, thereforeno one is payed, if you come accross someone asking for money for any of Undernets services, ignore them. if it involves channel access, find another channel or start a competing channel.

Yes we can accept there are some idiots out there charging for access in their channels etc, but in the end there isn't much we can do about it, we do not support the practice, and highly recommend that anyone that is a regular of such a channel find a new channel.
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Post by Chintoo »

Oh k... b/w what is isps email ?

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Post by Spidel »

isp means internet service provider, its an e-mail which is provided by your internet service provider.
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