X's help. ban command

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X's help. ban command

Post by dutu »

I checked few available languages and I also noticed as others mentioned. if you have your username's language setted to other language not english from the available list and you do /msg x help ban you get the answer but the duration is not updated, see:
-X- La durée est en heures, avec un maximum de 336 heures (2 semaines).

-X- Zaman aralýðý birimi saattir ve maksimum 336 saat (2 hafta) olarak belirlenebilir.

-X- Perioada este in ore, cu valoarea maxima de 336 de ore (2 saptamani).


I think it should be fixed

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Post by Etherfast »

*rolls eyes to xplora*

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Post by Spidel »

it will be updated the duration of ban on those language(s) as well as soon as possible, i hope so :) but in english apparently seems to be ok.
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