Allow more than 1 username / person ? * Part 2 *

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Allow more than 1 username / person ? * Part 2 *

Post by jonny. »

First of all sorry to make a new post , but xplora closed the first one. Xplora , when I said " Accept botlending channels " I didn't meen bring X , I apologise if that's what you understood , I am aware that botlending / shell / hack / mp3 and that kind of channels won't have X on the channel ... I meant accept them as leaving them alone, not suspend the usernames / gline the eggdrops ... You say u allowed one or two botlending channels once , but they abused and you don't wanna hear about this , but let me ask you this question : If a Boing 747 crashes , will all flights be canceled ? No one will travel by airplane ? Mistakes happens , no one is perfect ...
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Post by Etherfast »

Hello, jonny,

First of all, please don't open any more topics. If you have something LEFT to say, please PM the moderator who locked the topic and request a possible unlock, if there's something unsaid.

Second, please wait for xplora's answer on this one.


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Post by xplora »

We don't g-line, we are not irc op's. as for suspending the usernames, that has already been answered. there is nothing more in this post to be answered. topic locked.
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