Allow more than 1 username / person ?

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Allow more than 1 username / person ?

Post by jonny. »

First of all I would like to apologise if I should post this in another place , I just joined #Cservice this night and saw the link here.

Now to my problem / question : Why can't you allow more than 1 username per person if they don't abuse it ? I run a shell channel , the name isn't important (not that I am afraid that I will get suspended , just won't advertise , if someone asks for the name of the channel I will give it) and I cannot get X on the channel , I understood that , but I need bots (eggdrops) for service , and to secure the channel , but I am not abusing their usernames , so why should this be a problem ? Ok , now you are gonna say why do they need user , right ? Well first to hide the IP , and then to prevent DDOS attacks , then so the bots will recognice each other (found bugs on the eggdrop's linking system).
I also can see that botlending channels are not allowed ... Why ? I sponsor a botlending channel with shells , the channel has 1 year and 7 months since it was created , and in all this time , there wasn't * one * abuse from me and / or my managers ... Can't see why you won't accept them and keep suspending the bot's usernames ... are you afraid that eggdrop will take X's place ? Let's face it , that's never gonna happen for one reason : X is always opped ... But X has the other features that an eggdrop has ? For example , if I have takeover on my registered channel by username johnsmith , who had access from SuperMan (I just picked the first two names that camed in my mind) the eggdrop will remove username johnsmith , and suspend username SuperMan , plus , it will leave me a note about the hour / date of the takeover attempt ... can X do that ? No , but an eggdrop can , BUT it needs to be loggged to perform this commands ... Now let's take simple features just for channel's users to have fun , eggdrops have commands like !kiss jonny , and the bot will act /me gives jonny a big kiss from ToothFairy ... and other neat features ... At the end I would like to apologise again if this wasn't the right place to post this , but it's almost impossible to read all the posts on the forum and say what I have to say in the right post .

Best regards , jonny
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Post by xplora »

We do not support bot's, and usernames are for people not for bots. for people 1 username is enough. sorry.

As far as Eggdrop channels are concerned, they do not need X, or our services, if you have an eggdrop service you have all you need to support your own channel without X, otherwise why need X?

Once upon a time we did support 1 or 2 eggdrop based channel services, however their services got abused in such a way that we got burned by them, sorry, but we will not be supporting eggdrop channels.

Something to think about, an eggdrop service can't be very good if the same service can not protect it's own channel without X.
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