hi need some help and info

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hi need some help and info

Post by markgerona »

hello good day to the admin of undernet.org

heres my questions hope you will reply.

1. #cebu channel was managed right now by some abused ops they ban/kick people that they like without any reason at all. Where can i report this kind of people or ops?

2. Im not in a cafe and im aware of that virus? in the mirc but still i was ban/kick and they bot some bots on the room that we cannot even talk to or put some question why we are kick/ban. Does this operator knows the rule of MIRC or the undernet?

3. Lastly, Does #cebu a private room run by them and they can do anything they want? #cebu represent our place here in the philippines and i know lots of malicious people wants to destroy this room. But i do hope that not all will do that they are still lots of us who will never do that.

I do hope that in every room there must be an op that will help us who are ban/kick indiscriminately.
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Post by Wolfyx »

I'll reply to all the 3 questions at once, because they all reffer to the same thing
If a channel is registered, the manager, or the channel members are allowed to kick/ban anyone from their channel, without specifying a certain reason to it. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about it unless they start abusing in any way. But until then, it's still their politics, and they decide who and why they ban. Sorry, we can't interfere
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Post by xplora »

Note, "abusing" is refering to abusing Undernet, what they do in their channel is their channel.

CService's definition of abuse is available on http://cservice.undernet.org/
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