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X bug

Post by evol »

Just something that the coders must have forgotten to update, while they were updating the Max Ban hours from 366 to 2400

[02/02/06](15:07:11) -> *x* ban #evils evolish 2401 1 ban length test.
[02/02/06](15:07:12) -X- Invalid ban duration. Your ban duration can be a maximum of 336 hours.

It should have been 2400 not 366 in X's reply!

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Post by sirAndrew »

The ban duration has been changed, it`s just a matter of modifying a reply to an error.....it`s not such a big deal...you all seem to find problems but never solutions....
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Post by kN_ »

That's hardcoded into all the languages files.

And yes, it's fixed. X has to be reloaded.