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Re: Official CSC personnel

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Philipkangdds69 wrote:Hi,
I wondering if someone is an official CSC personnel.
How do I know if someone is official CService personnel?

Any Idea? :wink:
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You can verify someone as being a Network Official via : /msg X verify nickname-here. The display will result in Channel Services Staff (Administrators and Official Representatives) or/and Channel Services Coder or/and Irc Operator. Altough it's not mandatory to have one of the functions to have the other, there are some persons who cumulate 2 (i.e Administrator or Official Rep and Irc Operator) due to the nature of their tasks and trust from a Server Administrator.

Additionally Global Irc Operators have a distinctive mark on their /whois ---> "is an Irc Operator" even if not authed with their X username (CService Staff require auth'ing to X to reply to /msg x verify nickname-here for a positive result of their global status).
Moreover CService staff usually hangs out in #CService assisting regularly our guests so you can always drop by and state your doubts.

Hope that clears it

Cheers (and beers)