Website's results do not coincide with IRC's/X replies

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Website's results do not coincide with IRC's/X replies

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Yesterday I joined CService and asked a few questions there but even after that I am not 100% satisfied of some answers.
As I was browsing being logged on through the website I realized that as a user we can not see another user's last login. If I remember correctly we are able to see that.
Now I don't fully understand the purpose of all these removals.
At some point you guys removed the ability of seeing the URL of an user (if that was set). Then the special flags of a channel (even if at some point if someone gets logged on the website and checks the same thing he/she can see it there) And even the same old SPECIAL flag that besides the fact that give the user the idea of that channel being ... special ... doesn't do pretty much anything else since any user can /msg x access #channel ... and check things out from IRC.

I mean when it comes to security like (hiding the username registration ID/number) or last host mask I understand but this ? Will just show less and less information that could be somehow necessary (since everyone can see it anyway via IRC)
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Post by Sabin »

It is a late reply, but as they say better later than never.
Users last login from cservice site was removed for security reasons - in a period of time there was a group of people hunting expired usernames of csc officials to re-register it and pretend as old persons. If username is set to invisible that was the only way to see when username expires. If you want to check if your friends are online there are some other ways, like /whois'ing the nick persons uses in general or joining common channels.