my channels #sexro is NOREG never abuser

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my channels #sexro is NOREG never abuser

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I had the # sexro for 8 X years .Am lost this channel spring.Am restored channel. I took for a fact noreg purgee and unproven, in november I submitted the application again for this given channel registered it. I took reject the application because a fan broke and got suspended AUP period .. Heavy problem is ready for me for as long as I entered I was ready to ask for acceptance of cservice # s have rejected the application because the page took NOREG cservice not because I never bothered some Gunnis's sensitive ears, the channel please review my situation and I can give to this channel and the application, does not seem fair to have I asked noreg application stage,
channel has traffic and works with X-sufficient for months.
undernet.Am are quite old so many years been a serious userI sent mail to at I was guided by operators on # cservice, emails were sent 02,12,2010 and even today I have not received an answer. begin to understand that there's a coalition against me and the channel # sexro, which should not appear inregistrat.Va Please check your emails sent to
Canalul #sexro abuzat pe nedrept

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this kind of thing must be handled by, sorry but the forums can not help with your problem other than to re-direct you to that email address.
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