mirc undernet bacolod complain

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mirc undernet bacolod complain

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Hi im complaining about the Ops of #bacolod because they are banning those people who will join in #Bacolod-city because of their Echo inviter it is not our fault and we are not involve and we do not know anything about that echo inviter. I think that it is not proper to ban people who are not involve in any violation of the bacolod-city channel we are joining at #bacolod-city because we have friends their and they are more friendly than other channel. The ops of #bacolod should have punish only those people behind that echo inviter. The operator of #bacolod are forcing us to leave #bacolod-city or else they will ban us in #bacolod.I think we have the right to join in any channel unless we did not violated any rules of any channel.

Im really hoping that you could give a solution to this problem. Thank you!.

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Now this is really a common problem within undernet users so in this case i will present you the situations for there a solution doesn`t really exist, here we go:
1. A channel operator is free to ban with or without any reason any person joining a particular channel - in this case any complaints regarding this are ignored ( there is no solution )
In other words, CService does not interfeere in channel management. CService will interfeere in a channel only if there is an abuse on going, abuse of undernet and/or cservice policy ( ex: floods )
So as a solution for your problem, all you can do is talk with the operators from that channel and so i repeat CService will not intefeere *see the lines i wrote above*
2. Regarding that Echo inviter all you can do is join #report-abuse and report it with your logs as proof or e-mail abuse-exploits@undernet.org and copy/paste the logs in the content of the e-mail also as proof ( do not attach any files to the e-mail corp )

Good luck!
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